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ISKSSInternational Journal of Knowledge and Systems Sciences, December 2007 VOLUME4 NUMBER 4
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, Zhongtuo Wang, Dalian University of Technology, P. R. China

A4 66 pages
ISSN 1349-7030
Price: 4200 JPY

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Weisen Guo and Steven Kraines
Knowledge Sharing in Multi-Agent Systems through a Trust-Recommendation Network

Donghua Pan and Dawei Yin
Triple Helix Interface Organization and Innovation Pattern

Feng Liu, Lingling Zhang and Jifa Gu
The Application of Knowledge Management in the Internet - Witkey Mode in China

Lili Rong and Yong Sun
Research on the Formal Description of Emergency Plans

Zhaoguo Xuan, Yanzhong Dang and Jianguo Liu
Knowledge Content Management through a Novel Weighted Network

Jiangning Wu, Qiaofeng Liu and Xiaohuan Wang
Domain Knowledge Navigator - Topic Map for Practical Usages

Xijin Tang and Zhengwen Zhang
How Knowledge Science is Studied - a Vision from Conference Mining of the relevant Knowledge Science Symposia

Haoxiang Xia, Zujian Zhang and Jianjun Wang
Developing an Adaptive Search Network for Web Resource Discovery

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