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The international Society for Knowledge and Systems Science was formally established in the year of 2003 during the fourth International Symposium on Knowledge and Systems Sciences (KSS2003, November 29-30, 2003, Guangzhou China).
This year, the sixth symposium, KSS2005 was held at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) with the support of the 21st century COE (Center of excellence) program in JAIST.
This proceedings includes papers accepted by KSS2005 and cover the scope of theory and application of knowledge and systems sciences in different aspects: definition and contents of knowledge science, knowledge technology and knowledge management; methods and technologies for knowledge discovery, processing, integration, and creation, etc.

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The 6th International Symposium on Knowledge and Systems Science (KSS2005)
29-31 August, 2005, IIASA Laxenburg, Austria

Emission Trading Benefits with Uncertainty
Pawel Bartoszczuk
Towards a Process Ontology for a Model Based Support System for Problem Solving: the Ontology Bootstrap Problem
Adrie J.M. Beulens and Huub Scholten
Implications from Decision Science for the Systems Development Life Cycle in Information Systems
Cathal M. Brugha
A Research on General Framework of Information Resources Planning if Multi-Actor System
Jia Chen, Yan Cao, and Yan Chen
An Automatic Reference Point-Like Methodology For Multicriteria Shortest Path Problems
Joao C. N. Climaco, Jose M. F. Craveirinha, and Marta M.B. Pascoal
Overcoming Internal Knowledge Search through Firm-Institute Alliance: A Survey of Knowledge Flow in Xi’an, China
Rong Du, Shizhong Ai, Xiujun Cui, Xiaohu Rong, and Jianning Lu
Spatial Recovering of Agricultural Values from Aggregate Information: Sequential Downscaling Methods
G. Fischer, T. Ermolieva, Y. Eromoliev, and H. T. van Velthuizen
Knowledge-based Federation Simulation Model for Operation Coordination of Multimodal Transportation System of Ports
Peng Gao, Chun Jin, and Xuejie Wang
A Text Topic Classification Model Based on Domain Ontology
Huazhen Gu, Kuanjiu Zhou, and Guangqian Zhang
Global Environmental Problems and Corporate Strategy Produced from Cooperative Collaboration with Business Leaders and Experts in R&D System
Shinzoh Hide Hori, Hideo Iwasaki, and Mikio Koyano
Domain Knowledge Based Chinese Short Message Understanding Model
Jia Meng, Zhou Kuanjiu, Guangqian Zhang
An Automatic Segmentation Method Combined with Length Descending and String Frequency Statistics for Chinese Text
Shaohua Jiang, and Yanzhong Dang
A Subscriber’s Behavior Simulation Tool to Support Mobile Game Business Decisions
Ayako Hiramatsu, Norihisa Komoda, Yuji Shono, and Hiroaki Oiso
Computer-Based Support of Individual and Cooperative Risky Decisions with Use of the Utility Concept
Lech Krus
Credit Risk Evaluating Models for Commercial Bank Based on SVR
Jin Liu, Jian Lin, and Jian-hua Xiao
A Model of Endogenous Technology Change-with Technological Uncertainty, Increasing Return and Agent Heterogeneity
Tieju Ma
A Distributed JXTA-Based System for Sharing Knowledge
Mingjie Ma and Lili Rong
Systems for Integrating and Creating Knowledge
Yoshiteru Nakamori and Andrzej P. Wierzbicki
Application f EDGE Software and Simulations for Integrated Catastrophe Management
Maciej Romaniuk and Tatiana Ermolieva
Rerganizing the Knowledge in Government Documents for Quick Response
Lili Rong and Dan Song
Value Judgment for the Sense of Security Based on Utility Theoretic Approaches
Hiroyuki Tamura, Yoshitomo Miura and Masahiro Inuiguchi
A Framework for Ontology-Based Knowledge Management System
Jiangning Wu and Guohua Zhu
Federated Application Integration with Web Services: Case for Multiparty Cargo Transportation
Haoxiang Xia, Shuangling Luo and Taketoshi Yoshida
A Design of Comprehensive Evaluation Support System on Web Based upon Knowledge
Jingliang Xu, Chengshen Xu, and Lili Rong
Mechanism of Supply Chain Coordination with Return Policy in Online Reserve Auction
Jingyi Xu and Deli Yang
Multi-agent-based Web Text Mining on the Grid
Lean Yu, Shouyang Wang, and Kin Keung Lai
Gabek®: Holistic Data Processing for Policy Support
Josef Zelger
Study on Prisoners’ Dilemma of Knowledge Sharing and How to Improve Its Efficiency in Enterprises
Xuan Zhang, Yuanzhang Liu,Lingling Zhang
Knowledge Construction: An Evolutionary-Game Perspective
Yoshiteru Nakamori and Zhichang Zhu

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