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Takashi Hashimoto Professor
School of Knowledge Science、Knowledge Management Area


B.S., M.S. degrees from Kobe University (1990,1992), Ph.D degree from University of Tokyo (1996)

■Professional Career

Special Postdoctoral Researcher at Brain Science institute, the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN) (1996-1999)


Complex Systems, Evolutionary Linguistics, Evolutionary Economics, Knowledge Science

■Research Keywords

Origin and Evolution of Language, Formation of Communication, Institutional Design

■Research Interests

Constructive study on knowledge from evolutionary viewpoint: The origin and the evolution of language and the formation and change of institutions
I am interested in complex systems, especially, the dynamics of language and society. My recent research focuses on the origin and the evolution of language. Currently, I’m studying the cognitive modelling of grammaticalisation, which is language change from contents words, such as nouns and verbs, to functional words, such as pronouns and auxiliaries. Grammaticalisation is said to be a key phenomena concerning the evolution of language. The cognitive modelling of the phenomena may shed a new light on the origin of language as well as its evolution.

Dynamics of Symbolic Communication
Symbolic communication consists of interchanging of symbols among individuals and sense-making of the symbols in each individual. During communication novel meanings and symbols may occur, as well as sharing of information and meanings. Namely, communication is a process of sharing and creation. In order to understand such underling structure of such dynamic communication, we are engaging in constructive study using computer simulation, cognitive experiments, and analysis of mathematical models.



  • Relationship between People’s Money Consciousness and Circulation of Community Currency. In G. Gomez (Ed.) Monetary Plurality in Local, Regional and Global Economies.,Kobayashi, S., Hashimoto, T., Kurita, K., & Nishibe, M.,Routledge,2018,224-242
  • 『地域通貨によるコミュニティ・ドック』,第6章「ブラジル・フォルタレザの「パルマス」:制度生態系としてのコミュニティバンクと住民組織,小林 重人,橋本 敬,西部 忠,西部 忠 編著,専修大学出版局,2018,226-245
  • Simulating the Evolution of Language, Section.14 The Constructive Approach to the Dynamic View of Language,Takashi Hashimoto,Springer,2002,307-324

◇Published Papers

  • Evolutionary linguistics and evolutionary economics,Takashi Hashimoto, Evolutionary and Institutional Economics Review,3,1,27-46,2006
  • Developmental construction of intentional agency in communicative eye gaze,Takeshi Konno and Takashi Hashimoto,Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Development and Learning ICDL 2006, CD-ROM
  • Multi-Agent-Based Simulation for Formation of Institutions on Socially Constructed FactsAdvances in Artificial Life,Takashi Hashimoto and Susumu Egashira,Advances in Artificial Life, M.S. Capcarrere, et al. (Eds.), Springer, Berlin, pp.675-684, 2005

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◇Lectures and Presentations

  • Learning how to learn through experiential learning promoting metacognitive skills to improve knowledge co-creation ability,Koji Tanaka, Hieu Chi Dam, Shigeto Kobayashia, Takashi Hashimotoa, Mitsuru Ikeda,International Conference on Knowledge Management, ICKM 2016,Vienna, Austria,2016/10/11
  • Simulation of Common Language Acquisition by Evolutionry Dynamics,Makoto Nakamura, Takashi Hashimoto, and Satoshi Tojo,Workshop on the Evolutionary Models of Collaboration (EMC'07), In conjunction with the Twentieth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence,Hyderabad, India,Jan, 2007
  • Skill Combination Game for Resolving Acceptance Concern in Civic Tech Collaboration,Onishi, S., Kobayashi, S., & Hashimoto, T.,The 49th Conference of the International Simulation and Gaming Association (ISAGA '18),Nakhon Pathom, Thailand,2018/07/09-13

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■Extramural Activities

◇Academic Society Affiliations

  • International Society for Adaptive Behavior,2006-
  • the Japan Association for Evolutionary Economics,2005-
  • Society of Evolutionary Studies, Japan,2004-

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◇Other Activities

  • The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO),External referee of Innovational Research Incentives Scheme 2007 Round,2007/03/23 - 2007/09/30
  • The Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering and Technology (IRCSET),External referee for Postgraduate Research Scholarship Scheme 2005,2005/06/01 - 2005/10/30
  • SONY, Computer Science Lab. - Paris,Visiting Researcher(1998)

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■Academic Awards Received

  • Best Paper Award in SSI2014,SANDI, The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers (SICE),2014