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Masato Suzuki Associate Professor
School of Information Science、Security and Networks Area


B, M, Dr. of Engineering from Tokyo Institure of Technology(1987,1989,1992 respectively)


Software Engineering

■Research Keywords

Software Architechture/Components, Software Development Environment(Tools), Program Comprehension

■Research Interests

Restructuring and redesign of legacy softwares using components
Many of legacy softwares are hard to extand and maintain caused by their inflexible designs and/or lack of documentations. We aim to reconstruct or redesign these softwares using components, which are effcient and flexible parts of modern software. We are now engaging in developing construction methodology and supporting envirenments.
A supporting environment for Refactoring using operation histories
Refactoring is an operation which improves structure of software for expandablity and reliability without changing its functions. There are many hazards for applying refactoring to development, such as detection of target,management of "history," series of operations. We intend to make them easy to use for developers. We already give some formal definitions for primitive operations, applying some metrics for detection of the targets. We aim to developing an integrated supporting environment which includes analysis, improvement and extaction of patterns from "history."
An environment for large software comprehension
Most of software development costs are maintainance of legacy softwares. One of the problem is difference between its 'design' and 'implementation,' especially very large (more than 10,000 lines) codes. Complex structure of codes also make hard to understand the overall structure and function of softwares. We aim to analyze these codes and extract information by 'filters,' which are flexiblly defined and configured by user, and building supporting environments/tools. We indend to support easy extension for new programming languages and focus on conversion from codes written in one programming language to another without changing its functions.



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  • Implementing Fault Tolerant Software in Distributed Environment,Kluwer Academic Press, Chapter 15,2000.(共著),pp. 341-358
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