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Computer systems and networks have become increasingly important to our modern life. These information and communications technologies, or ICT, are the foundation that enable applications on our smartphones, that provide information security, that allow our mobile devices to connect wirelessly to the cloud. In the future, this trend is clearly increasing as ""smart technologies"" combine to form the Internet of Things. In addition, ICT investment has a close relationship to corporate performance, and has become a key driver of national growth strategy. The Next-generation Digital Infrastructure Research Area performs research and graduate education on the fundamentals of ICT systems, to make wide-ranging contributions to industry, standardization activities and governmental policy making.


Cryptography, Cyber Security, Network Security, Computer Networks, IoT, Embedded Systems, Wireless Communications, Software, High Performance Computer Systems

Education policy:

In this area, we are conducting education and research in fields that are the basis of information engineering, such as computer hardware and software, networks and security, and cultivate students who acquire solid theories, technologies and methodologies that are not influenced by trends. Research in this area requires a wide range of knowledge, fundamentall theories and technologies whose necessity has been recognized over time, and are also necessary for developing new ICT systems in the future. We are also focusing on exercises, Project Based Learning and so on, with the goal of developing the practical skills of students.