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Hiroshi Mizuta Professor
School of Materials Science、Energy and Environment Area


Bachelor of Science from Osaka University(1983), Master of Science from Osaka University(1985), Doctor of Engineering from Osaka University(1993)

■Professional Career

・CRL, Hitachi, Ltd(1985-2003)・Laboratory Manager and Senior Researcher of Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory (1997-2003)・Associate Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology(2003-2007)・Adjunct Professor(2007-2010)・Visiting Professor at RIE of Shizuoka University (2009-2011)・Professor of Nanoelectronics at University of Southampton(2007-2016)(After 2011, Part-time position)・Visiting Chief Scientist, Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory, UK (2017 - )


Nano Device Physics, Nano-Electro-Mechanical System (NEMS)Quantum Information Devices, Atom-scale Device Simulation

■Research Keywords

Graphene, Nanoelectronics, NEMS, Quantum Computaton, Extremely-scaled Devices, Ab initio Simulation



  • Nitrogen Ion Microscopy,Marek E. Schmidt, Masashi Akabori, and Hiroshi Mizuta,InTech
  • Inter-band Current Enhancement by Dopant-Atoms in Low-Dimensional pn Tunnel Diodes,D. Moraru, M. Muruganathan, L.T. Anh, R. Nuryadi, H. Mizuta, M. Tabe,Springer International Publishing
  • NEMS devices (Nanoscale Silicon Devices),Y. Tsuchiya and H. Mizuta,CRD Press

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◇Published Papers

  • Enhanced Sodium Ion Storage in Interlayer Expanded Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes,Ajay Piriya Vijaya Kumar Saroja, Manoharan Muruganathan, Kamaraj Muthusamy, Hiroshi Mizuta, and Ramaprabhu Sundara,NanoLetters,18,9,5688-5696
  • Graphene Nanomechanical Resonator Mass Sensing of Mixed H2/Ar Gas,Manoharan Muruganathan, Fumihiro Seto, and Hiroshi Mizuta,IJAT,12,1,24-28
  • Contrast Differences Between Nitrogen and Helium Ion Induced Secondary Electron Images Beyond Instrument Effects,M. E. Schmidt, S. Ogawa and H. Mizuta,MRS Advances,3,10,505-510

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◇Lectures and Presentations

  • Contrast Differences Between Nitrogen and Helium Ion Induced Secondary Electron Images beyond Instrument Effects,M.E. Schmidt, S. Ogawa and H. Mizuta,2017 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibition,Boston,26th November - 1st December 2017
  • Single-nanometer functional graphene devices patterned with helium ion beam,H. Mizuta, M. E. Schmidt, T. Kanzaki, S. Ogawa, M. Muruganathan,AVS 64th International Symposium & Exhibition,Tampa,30 Oct - 3 Nov 2017
  • Scaling effect on device performance in graphene tunnel field effect transitors,S. Suzuki, A. M. M. Hammam, M. E. Schmidt, M. Muruganathan and H. Mizuta,18th IEEE International Conference on Nanotechnology conference,Cork, Ireland,23-26 July, 2018

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■Extramural Activities

◇Academic Society Affiliations

  • Institute of Physics,1990-
  • The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE),1987-
  • Japan Society of Applied Physics,1986-

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◇Other Activities

  • Innovation Japan 2018,JAIST Organizational Exhibition Rep.,2018/07/29 - 2018/07/31
  • 1st JAIST World Conference 2018 (JWC1),Scientific Advisor,2018/02/27 - 2018/02/28
  • PhD Viva, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University College London, UK,External Examiner,2013/07/03 - 2013/09/23

■Academic Awards Received

  • Distinguished Professor,Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology,2017
  • President Award,Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology,2016