What's New

The originator of the Computer Shogi "Bonanza " (2006, Jul.7 )
The originator of the Bonanza, Mr. Hoki provided a keynote lecture at the seminar July 7. Tacos' members share meaningful time and space with Mr. Hoki.

Masters' Creation for Beauty (2006, Jul. 5)
Mr. Washiyama and Mr. Kim, Ms. Asakura took passionately about "creation for beauty" at the symposium on July 5. They have each way for creation, but have common philosophy. For details...

SIG GI, IPSJ in Yonezawa (2006, Jun. 30)
Game Informatics Special Interest Group (SIG GI, IPSJ) held a meeting for reading research papers in Yonezawa. The report is here.

Will shogi is influenced by the progress of computer ? (2006, Jun. 9)
On the 3rd day of the 20th Annual Conference of JSAI, it was discussed the social impact of computer shogi, especially the influence to the human professional community as well as the amateur community. Dr. T. Itoh, Mr. H. Yamashita (the author of YSS), Mr. H. Yamagishi (journalist), Mr. N. Ohuchi (shogi GM-9dan) and Dr. H.Iida were speakers in the panel, chaired by Dr. H. Matsubara. Detail report is here.

Computer Olympiad 2006 in Turin (2006, May 25-31)
Computer Olympiad 2006 was held in Turin from May 25 to 31. Tacos won third prize. Highlight of  the final tournament is here.

World Computer Shogi Championship (2006, May 3-5)
Computer Shogi Championship is held from May 3 to 5. Our Shogi program, Tacos, place 4th. Lecturer Hashimoto commended for his outstanding achievement in the research. Related information is here.