Workshop Venue

CPSNA 2011 will take place in conjunction with RTCSA 2011 in Toyama, Japan. Toyama is the leading industrial prefecture on the Japan Sea coast, and has the industrial advantage of cheap electricity due to abundant water resources. It is surrounded by beautiful nature including Mount Tate and Japan Sea. Hope you will enjoy Toyama during CPSNA 2011 and RTCSA 2011!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The workshop venue has been relocated at KNB*E. This is because there would be a more number of attendees than we had anticipated - our estimation was around 30 attendees, while it could reach 70 now! We appreciate such an unanticipated large number of potential attendees; however we also apologize that we had to change the workshop venue. Please also notice that CPSNA 2011 and RTCSA 2011 are hosted at different venues.

DIRECTION: The new workshop venue, KNB*E (KNB Irifune Bekkan in Japanese), is located close to Toyama Station. Please find the map below, showing the direction to the workshop venue ("A") from Toyama Station ("B").

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For those who are coming from the airport (Toyama Airport) in the morning, we will arrange a shuttle bus taking you directly to the workshop venue. The shuttle bus will be scheduled to leave the airport around 8:00AM on July 28th, and arrive at the workshop venue before the workshop starts. Please follow the sign and guides at the airport to get this shuttle bus. There will be several local assistants who have "CPSNA" sign board. There will also be the second shuttle bus scheduled to leave around 9:00AM.

CHECK IT OUT: The Starbucks Coffee at Toyama Kansui Park, located next to the workshop venue, has been reviewed as one of the most beautiful starbucks branches in the world. Its scenery is introduced at the front page of Starbucks Coffee Japan! You may have breakfast at this place before the workshop.

ACCESS TO TOYAMA: Please find more information here at the RTCSA website, regarding how to access Toyama from your place.

Hotel Reservations

RTCSA 2011 and CPSNA 2011 have booked a block of rooms at several hotels nearby the conference venue with special rates. You can make your reservation for these hotels through our official travel agency, JTB Global Marketing & Travel Inc. (JTB GMT). Please find more information here at the RTCSA website, regarding hotel reservations.

You may also contact hotels in Toyama directly yourself. We recommend the following hotels where you will easily access the conference and the wokshop venues. Special rates, however, are not applied in such a case.

ANA Crowne Plaza Toyama is only 20 minunes away from Toyama Airport by cab, and 15 minutes walk from JR Toyama Station.

Tsuruginoyu Dormy Inn Toyama is only 20 minutes away from Toyama Airport by cab, and 12 minunes walk from JR Toyama Station. Please however notice that English speaking staff may not be available at this hotel.

Toyama Dai-ichi Hotel is only 20 minutes away from Toyama Airport by cab, and 10 minutes walk from JR Toyama Station

NOTE: The workshop venue, KNB*E, is located at the other side over Toyama Station from these hotels, while the conference venue, Toyama International Conference Center, is very close to them in a walking distance. You could still walk to KNB*E from these hotels; however we recommend taking a cab to KNB*E directly, or to Toyama Station and walk from the station. Please ask the hotel front desk to get a cab.

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