Information from Japan and Organizers

We would like to thank each country and each of you to send rescue, aid assistance and warm support to our country. With your kindness, we, Japanese will be OK and stay strong and positive. About the conference, although there are a lot of disaster reports on TV, internet, and radio, Toyama where the conference will be held is 300 miles from the accident location, which is 10 times the radius of danger zone, and Toyama is not at all affected by the earthquake or nuclear leaks. Moreover, since the conference will be held in August, we will have enough time to allow recovery actions and to make sure that it is safe to visit Japan. So please do not worry about visiting the conference. We are looking forward to seeing you at the conference.

There, however, can be special circumstances where you cannot attend the conference because of the orders from your countries, companies, or institutions although your papers were accepted. In that case, we will investigate possibilities for you to give presentations by video presentations and/or Skype.

You can check the environmental radioactivity levels in Japan from the following URLs:
In addition, you can check the location of Toyama where the conference will be held in the following Google Map.

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