IMPORTANT NOTICE: Oral presentations are 30 minutes long for regular papers and 20 minutes long for short papers including questions and answers.

Monday, August 29, 2011 | Tuesday, August 30, 2011 | Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Monday, August 29, 2011

8:50-9:00 Opening Remarks

9:00-10:00 Keynote I
Pico: no more passwords!
Frank Stajano, University of Cambridge

10:30-12:10 Session 1 : Real-Time Multiprocessor Scheduling I
Session Chair: Jian-Jia Chen

Schedulability Analysis of Malleable Tasks with Arbitrary Parallel Structure
Martin Korsgaard, Sverre Hendseth

Reducing Preemptions and Migrations in Real-Time Multiprocessor Scheduling Algorithms by Releasing the Fairness
Geoffrey Nelissen, Vandy Berten, Joel Goossens, Dragomir Milojevic

Mode Transition for Online Scheduling of Adaptive Real-Time Systems on Multiprocessors
Prapaporn Rattanatamrong, Jose Fortes

Real-Time Divisible Load Theory: incorporating computation costs
Suriayati Chuprat, Sanjoy Baruah

10:30-12:00 Session 2 : Wireless Sensor Networks
Session Chair: Tatsuo Nakajima

Making WSN TDMA Practical: Stealing Slots Up and Down the Tree
John Yackovich, Daniel Mosse, Anthony Rowe, Raj Rajkumar

RDAG: A Structure-Free Real-Time Data Aggregation Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Mohammad Hossein Yeganeh, Hamed Yousefi, Naser Alinaghipour, Ali Movaghar

Real-Time Intrusion Detection and Tracking in Indoor Environment Through Distributed RSSI Processing
Ossi Kaltiokallio, Maurizio Bocca

13:30-15:00 Session 3 : Power/Energy-Aware Design I
Session Chair: Benny Akesson

Utilization-Controlled Task Consolidation for Power Optimization in Multi-Core Real-Time Systems
Xing Fu, Xiaorui Wang

Energy-Efficient Scheduling Algorithms for Periodic Power Management for Real-Time Event Streams
Kai Huang, Jian-Jia Chen, Lothar Thiele

Energy-Aware Partitioned Fixed-Priority Scheduling for Chip Multi-processors
Arvind Kandhalu, Junsung Kim, Karthik Lakshmanan, Raj Rajkumar

13:30-15:00 Session 4 : Ubiquitous Computing
Session Chair: Chang-Gun Lee

Augmented Reality Go: Extending Traditional Game Play with Interactive Self-Learning Support
Takahiro Iwata, Tetsuo Yamabe, Tatsuo Nakajima

iDetective: A Location Based Game to Persuade Users Unconsciously
Akihito Yoshii, Yoshio Funabashi, Hiroaki Kimura, Tatsuo Nakajima

Vib-Connect: A Device Collaboration Interface Using Vibration
Takuro Yonezawa, Hiroshi Nakahara, Hideyuki Tokuda

An Effective Approach in Improving A-GPS Accuracy to Enhance Hybrid Positioning Computation
Ching-Shun Ho

15:30-17:30 WIP

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

8:30-10:00 Session 5 : Real-Time Scheduling
Session Chair: Thomas Nolte

Control-Quality Driven Task Mapping for Distributed Embedded Control Systems
Amir Aminifar, Soheil Samii, Petru Eles, Zebo Peng

Supporting Graph-Based Real-Time Applications in Distributed Systems
Cong Liu, James H. Anderson

Dependable Resource Sharing for Compositional Real-Time Systems
Martijn M. H. P. van den Heuvel, Reinder J. Bril, Johan J. Lukkien

8:30-10:00 Session 6 : Storage and Memory Devices
Session Chair: Tei-Wei Kuo

A Demand-Based FTL Scheme Using Dualistic Approach on Data Blocks and Translation Blocks
Sehwan Lee, Bitna Lee, Kern Koh, Hyokyung Bahn

Automatic Generation of Efficient Predictable Memory Patterns
Benny Akesson, Williston Hayes Jr., Kees Goossens

Approximate Counters for Flash Memory
Jacek Cichon, Wojciech Macyna

A Reliability Enhancement Mechanism for High-Assurance MLC Flash-Based Storage Systems
Irfan F. Mir, Alistair A. McEwan

10:20-12:00 Session 7 : Real-Time Multiprocessor Scheduling II
Session Chair: Shinpei Kato

Resource Hold Times under Multiprocessor Static-Priority Global Scheduling
Farhang Nemati, Thomas Nolte

A Multiprocessor Server-Based Scheduler for Soft Real-Time Tasks with Stochastic Execution Demand
Alex F. Mills, James H. Anderson

Global Semi-fixed-priority Scheduling on Multiprocessors
Hiroyuki Chishiro, Nobuyuki Yamasaki

Practical Aspects of Slot-Based Task-Splitting Dispatching in Its Schedulability Analysis
Paulo B. Sousa, Konstantinos Bletsas, Bjorn Andersson, Eduardo Tovar

10:20-11:50 Session 8 : Timing Analysis and Simulation
Session Chair: Hiroyuki Tomiyama

Probabilistic Instruction Cache Analysis Using Bayesian Networks
Mark Bartlett, Iain Bate, James Cussens, Dimitar Kazakov

Context-Sensitive Measurement-Based Worst-Case Execution Time Estimation
Michael Zolda, Sven Bunte, Raimund Kirner

Real-Time Analysis of Servers for General Job Arrivals
Pratyush Kumar, Jian-Jia Chen, Lothar Thiele, Andreas Schranzhofer, Giorgio C. Buttazzo

An Extensible Framework for Real-time Task Generation and Simulation
Chaitanya Belwal, Albert M. K. Cheng

13:00-13:50 Session 9 : Power/Energy-Aware Design II
Session Chair: Sayaka Akioka

An Online Holistic Scheduling Framework for Energy-Constrained Wireless Real-Time Systems
Thidapat Chantem, Jun Yi, Shengyan Hong, X. Sharon Hu, Christian Poellabauer, Liqiang Zhang

Energy-Aware Fixed-Priority Multi-core Scheduling for Real-Time Systems
Junyang Lu, Yao Guo

13:00-14:10 Session 10 : Network Analysis and Management
Session Chair: Linh T.X. Phan

Limiting Worst-Case End-to-End Latency When Traffic Increases in a Switched Avionics Network
Min-Young Nam, Eunsoo Seo, Lui Sha, Kyung-Joon Park, Kyungtae Kang

A Network Calculus Model for SpaceWire Networks
Thomas Ferrandiz, Fabrice Frances, Christian Fraboul

Implementation of Transparent Network Subsystem for PC Manageability
Kazuaki Nimura, Hidenobu Ito, Yousuke Nakamura, Zhaogong Guo, Kouich Yasaki, Takafumi Miura

14:30- Excursion and Banquet
(Banquet is sponsored in part by
Ubiquitous Networking Forum.)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

9:00-10:00 Keynote II
Real World Haptics - A Door to New Mutimedia -
Kouhei Ohnishi, Keio University

10:20-12:20 Session 11 : SoC and NoC
Session Chair: Hiroki Matsutani

Resource-Efficient Real-Time Scheduling Using Credit-Controlled Static-Priority Arbitration
Firew Siyoum, Benny Akesson, Sander Stuijk, Kees Goossens, Henk Corporaal

Video Quality Driven Buffer Sizing via Frame Drops
Deepak Gangadharan, Linh T.X. Phan, Samarjit Chakraborty, Roger Zimmermann, Insup Lee

A Slot-Based Real-time Scheduling Algorithm for Concurrent Transactions in NoC
Bach D. Bui, Marco Caccamo, Rodolfo Pellizzoni

Memory Access Aware Mapping for Networks-on-Chip
Xi Jin, Nan Guan, Qingxu Deng, Wang Yi

13:20-15:30 Session 12 : Embedded Systems and Practice
Session Chair: Fahim Kawsar

A Run-Time Page Selection Methodology for Efficient Quality-Based Resuming
Chi-Ju Chang, Che-Wei Chang, Chuan-Yue Yang, Yuan-Hao Chang, Chin-Chiang Pan, Tei-Wei Kuo

Dependable TCB Based on the Cell Broadband Engine Isolation Facility
Masana Murase, Hideyuki Tokuda

Implementing a Simple Trap and Emulate VMM for the ARM Architecture
Akihiro Suzuki, Shuichi Oikawa

A Loadable Task Execution Recorder for Hierarchical Scheduling in Linux
Mikael Asberg, Thomas Nolte, Shinpei Kato

Inline Emulation for Paravirtualization Environment on Embedded Systems
Yuan-Cheng Lee, Chih-Wen Hsueh, Rong-Guey Chang