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Work Data:

Fujitsu Chair of Complex Systems,
 Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology,
School of Knowledge Science, between April 1, '02 and March 31, '03.

JAIST Lectures:
"Representation, Causality and Complexity"  (May 13.)        full lecture text
"Causality, Logic and Dynamical Systems"    (May 27.)        full lecture text

Lectures at Conferences:
World Congress of Sociology (Brisbane, AU)                    abstract
Intentionality: Past and Future (Miskolc, Hungary)              abstract
                                                                                            full lecture text
7th Tamagawa Dynamic Brain Forum (Visegrad, Hung.)    abstract
                                                                         full lecture text
IUHPS/DLMPS World Conference (Oviedo, Spain)         abstract

Full Papers:

"Complexity is a Cue to the Mind"  (submitted)                   paper
"A Causal Model of Evolution" (Proc of. SEAL 02)            paper
"Towards an Evolutionary Technology" (in print)                 paper
"Chaotic Itinerancy: a Multi-Disciplinary Perspective"          paper (pdf)

Other Stuff:
My course "A Methodology of Human Knowledge"           syllabus
                                                                                         complete lectures
MiniWorkshop on "Causality in Complex Systems"            flyer

Work in Progress:
Evolutionary Technology: A REPAST-Based Causal Approach
             (in cooperation with Laszlo Gulyas, Harvard)
"Causal Structures in Embodied Systems" (ERCIM News)  paper