Ph.D. Dissertation

Evolution of Code and Communication in Dynamical Networks

Takashi Hashimoto

PhD. thesis (1996 March)

  1. Contents & Introduction (gziped PS, 59Kb including a figure)
  2. Evolution of Grammar Systems (gziped PS, 194Kb including figures)
  3. Coevolution of Tapes and Machines (gziped PS, 304Kb including figures)
  4. Summaries and Conclusion (PS, 294Kb)
  5. Appendix (gziped PS, 29Kb)
  6. Bibliography (gziped PS, 50Kb)

OUTLINE of 'Evolution of Code and Communication in Dynamical Networks'

(in japanese, 119Kb) (gziped PS, 31Kb)

橋本 敬

博士学位論文要旨 1995年12月

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