WWW Collector - The Prefetching Proxy Server for WWW

Wcol is the prefetching proxy server for WWW. The program prefetches linked pages from user retrieved page. It improves most of WWW latency.

Wcol is developing since 1994. Wcol is runs on most popular Unix platforms. The program is re-designed many times. The version of the program is separated generation and date. For example, 'wcolD.961127_143211.tar.gz' means 4th generation at Nov 27, 1996 14:32:11. Current generation of Wcol is 'E' (which means 5 th generation). See also the page of the WcolE and the page of the WcolD.

Since limitation of connections per process is important problem of prefetching proxy sever, Wcol is designed multi process proxy system. Then, it can handle many connections, and it become multi processor computer system (e.g., SMP).

Recently, a proxy server is required to support ICP. Wcol supports ICP and its extentions (e.g., NOTIFY) since 1996.

Major Features
  • Prefetching
  • Multi process
  • ICP supporting
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