Computational Visual Media Journal (Special issue of CVM2021)

dualFace: Two-Stage Drawing Guidance for Freehand Portrait Sketching

Zhengyu Huang*, Yichen Peng*, Tomohiro Hibino*, Chunqi Zhao**,
Haoran Xie*, Tsukasa Fukusato**, Kazunori Miyata*

(JAIST*, University of Tokyo**)
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dualFace: Global Guidance

dualFace: Local Guidance


Zhengyu Huang, Yichen Peng, Tomohiro Hibino, Chunqi Zhao, Haoran Xie, Tsukasa Fukusato, Kazunori Miyata. dualFace: Two-Stage Drawing Guidance for Freehand Portrait Sketching. Journal of Computational Visual Media, 2021.


We thank the reviewers for their valuable comments. We also thank Toby Chong for his involvement in idea discussion. This work was supported by Grant from Tateishi Science and Technology Foundation, JSPS KAKENHI grant JP20K19845 and JP19K20316, Japan.

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