Haoran Xie, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
User Interface Research Laboratory (XIE LAB)
Creative Society Design Research Area (CSD)
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST)
[ xie at jaist.ac.jp ]

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Research Projects (For more details, please refer to page Publications and Videos.)

Human-Centered Generative AI + Image Generation
(DiffFaceSketch, IEEE Access 2024)
(AniFaceDrawing, SIGGRAPH 2023)
(DualFace, CVM 2021)
[Project][Code] [PDF][Video] [Talk][CVM]
(Sketch2AnimeHair, NICOINT2021)
[Project][Video][IEEE](Best Paper Nomin)
(Sketch2Normal, IWAIT2021)
[PDF][Arxiv] [SPIE]
Human-Centered Generative AI + Model Generation
(DualShape, IEEE Access 2024)
(Sketch2Cloth, NICOINT 2023)
Human-Centered Generative AI + Dynamics Generation
(DualSmoke, CVMJ 2024)
[Project][Code] [PDF][Video]
(DualMotion, IEICE 2022)
[Video] [PDF]
(Sketch2VF, CASA2019, CAVW2019)
[Project][Video] [PDF](Best Paper Nomin)
(Sketch2Motion, NICOINT2021)
Human-Centered Generative AI + Augmented Human
(AniFaceDrawing, SIGGRAPH 2023)
(DualSlide, NICOINT 2023)
(DualFace, CVM2021)
[Project][Code] [PDF][Video] [Talk][CVM]
Augmented Human + Wearable Computing
(OrigamiBot, AsianCHI 2023)
(MagGlove, Cyberworlds 2022)
(xLimb, AH 2021)
[Project][Video][NEWS][ACM](Best Short)
(xBalloon, AH 2021)
[Project][Youtube] [ACM]
(AugLimb, AH 2022)
(NaviChoker, AH 2021)
[Project][Youtube] [ACM]
(EgoSpace, AHs 2020)
[Project][Video] [ACM](Best Presentation)
(xClothes, AH 2020)
[Project][Video][ACM](Best Paper Award)
(RESTAIL, AH 2019)
[Project][Youtube] [News][TV] [ACM]
(HAIRS, China I&E Intl Competition 17)
[PPT][WEB](IT 2nd; Final 3rd Prize)
Augmented Human + Spatial Computing
(MultiBrush, ICVR 2023)
(Sketch2Makizushi, NICOINT 2022)
[Video][IEEE](Best Presentation Award)
(Sketch2Bento, NICOINT 2021)
[Youtube] [IEEE](Best Poster)
(SketchMeHow, HCII 2021)
(SpatialViewer, HCII 2021)
(BalloonFAB, CHI 2019-LBW)
[Project][Youtube] [ACM]
(NewspaperFab, NICOINT 2021)
[Youtube] [IEEE]
(FreeDance, NICOINT 2021)
[Youtube] [IEEE]
(GhostCube, NICOINT 2020)
[Project][Youtube] [IEEE]
(CalliShadow, NICOINT 2020)
[Youtube] [IEEE](Best Presentation)
(CoreTraining, NICOINT 2019)
[Youtube][IEEE] [PPT]
(Sketch2Domino, NICOINT 2020)
[Project][Youtube] [IEEE](Best Paper)
Augmented Human + Human Perception
(SpaceEditing, IUI 2024)
(SGDraw, HCII 2023)
(Skel2Stroke, SIGGRAPHAsia21-short)
[ACM][Video][IEEE](Best Poster)
(GuideDNN, IUI 2023)
[Project][PDF] [Video][Code]
(HiVideo, SIGGRAPH 2022 Poster)
(Find Your ASMR, HCII 2022)
(DualLabel, Graphics Interface 2022)
(LatentDNN, IJCAI 2022 demo)
(FontManifold, NICOINT 2019)
[Youtube][IEEE] [PPT]
(ILoveEye, HCII 2022)
(Body2Particles, ICEC 2020)
[Project][Youtube] [Springer]
(Selfie, IUI18-ws)
[Project][PDF] [Youtube]
Others (Physics Simulations, Data-Driven Simulations, Robotics)
[Project][Youtube] [ACM]
(Light Rigid, Visual Computer 14)
[Project][Springer] [Youtube]
(Stochastic, SIGGRAPHAsia13-brief)
[Project][ACM] [Youtube]
(Tree Animation, Visual Computer 17)
(Pattern Guided, MIG 15)
[Project][Youtube][PPT] [ACM]
(Falling, SIGGRAPHAsia11-sketch)
[ACM] [Youtube]
(BPActuators, RoboSoft 2021)
(Robot Drawing, 2016)

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Tel: +81-0761-51-1721
Address: 1-1 Asahidai, Nomi, Ishikawa, 923-1211, Japan
Mail: xie@jaist.ac.jp