JAIST Safety Confirmation System (ANPIC)

In order to promptly and reliably confirm the safety at the occurrence of a large-scale disaster, etc., the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology has introduced a safety confirmation system (ANPIC). In case of emergency, an email to confirm the safety is sent from ANPIC to the email addresses registered in advance, and the system administrator can check the safety reports sent back from the recipients promptly.
In the event of an earthquake with "seismic intensity 5 upper" or more in Ishikawa Prefecture and the Kanto region, the system will automatically send an email to all students (including Students in the program for Working Professionals in Tokyo) and all staff members. For other natural disasters and disaster prevention drills in the university, we will send the email to confirm the safety manually.
Emails will be sent to the JAIST email addresses, however we strongly recommend registering additional email address of individual mobile phone, etc. so that emails can be reliably received. (Additionally registered email addresses cannot be known by anyone including the system administrator, except for you.)
Smartphone users can also access the website of ANPIC by using ANPIC application.

  1. How to use ANPIC (Beginners are required to read this.)
  2. ANPIC Quick Start Guide for Mobile phones except for smartphones / website[354KB]
  3. ANPIC Quick Start Guide for APP[1.01MB]
  4. 安否確認システム運用要項 (Internal Use Only/ Japanese version only)[153KB]


Log in ANPIC at https://jaist-anpic.jecc.jp/jaist/login/


* Please refer to the following e-mail sent to your JAIST e-mail address for login ID and password setting to log in ANPIC.


  Subject: [Important] How to use Safety Confirmation System
  Sender: kikikanri@ml.jaist.ac.jp


Evacuation sites, etc. in case a disaster occurs


Crisis Management (Internal Use Only)