About the Center for Global Educational Collaboration

The Center for Global Educational Collaboration was established to strategically support academic exchanges with overseas institutions and promote international interactions.
It is important to develop human resources who possess academic expertise and broad knowledge to identifies global issues and resolve them in the globalizing society. By promoting academic exchanges and supporting career development comprehensively, we aim at developing students who will play active rules in the world using their international communication skills, self-assertion, and understandings of different cultures.


The Center provides the following services in cooperation with related departments of academic exchange programs.

  • Comprehensive support to study abroad for research in both short and long-terms as follows: Orientation and guidance before/after studying abroad; Risk management; etc.
  • Support for accepting students from overseas institutions
  • Support for career development of the students in the exchange programs in cooperation with industry
  • Follow-up of alumni
  • Holding international seminars/workshops and promoting exchanges of both faculty and students