Best Poster Awards

Congratulations for Best Poster Winners !

We have selected 4 Best Poster Awards from general selection and committee voting.

Best posters voted by general selection (we have recieved 42 votes from two poster sessions).

Authors Titles Awards
Amane INOUE and Junichi AKITA Asym-mekakushi: Development and evaluation of augmented reality system to support face-to-face communication by asymmetric gaze information
Jun KATO, Ryotaro MIHARA, Kazuya MURATA, Kenta HARA and Nao HIRASAWA Research on Anime Storyboards for Individual and Collaborative Creativity
Ryoma MIYAUCHI, Haoran XIE, Tsukasa FUKUSATO and Kazunori MIYATA Stroke Correspondence without Image Vectorization

Best poster voted by ISID 2021 commitee members.

Authors Titles Awards
Zhengyu HUANG, Yichen PENG, Tomohiro HIBINO, Chunqi ZHAO, Haoran XIE, Tsukasa FUKUSATO and Kazunori MIYATA Freehand Portrait Drawing Support with Global and Local Guidance

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