Last modified: September. 5th, 2017

  • September. 5th, 2017
    • Version is released: Download
    • This is the first release for Jurisin2017 paper (under reviewing)


DEMO is known as a modeling tool for Dynamic Epistemic Logic and programmed in Haskell. It allows modeling update of an epistemic model, display of Action Model, formula evaluation in these models, so DEMO can be used to check semantic intuitions about what goes on in the updating situations. We extended DEMO to handle the defined language with awareness (DEMO+A). The awareness function is added to Epistemic Model in the program as the list of formulas. And the awareness condition function is also added to Action Model in the program as the list of a pair of formulas which consists of preceding conditions and a result.


Supported Platform

Haskell on Windows 10


Latest version (

3 steps to install and run

  1. Install stack (Haskell build tool) and FLTKHS (Haskell GUI tool)

Please install the latest version of stack for your environment (README). And then also install FLTKHS. It is necessary to use dot graph function. Please download Graphviz and install it.

  1. Create a project and build DEMO+A

Unzip the downloaded archive and put them in your appropriate environment.Then go to this folder and run the stack command of “setup”. Finally, you should build DEMO+A by “build” command of stack.For detailed information, please refer to the stack site.

  1. You can run DEMO+A from stack by “exec”.


Usual disclaimers apply.(This program includes FTLKHS and this part is provided under MIT license.) since Sep. 5th, 2017.

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