Work-in-Progress Session

Contributions to a special Work-in-Progress (WIP) session of RTCSA'11 are sought. The RTCSA'11 WIP session will be devoted to the presentation of new and on-going research into real-time systems and applications. We are especially interested in new and creative ideas and approaches. Contributors to the WIP session will be asked to give a short presentation of their work and prepare a poster/demo for the WIP discussion forum that will be held after the presentations. Accepted submissions will be included in a special RTCSA'11 WIP proceedings that will be distributed to all RTCSA'11 conference participants and available electronically from the Web. Please check WIP session details at our CFP.

Announcement Update!! (2.Aug.2011)


Please send 1 - 2 slides (ppt, pptx, pdf, or conventional image formats are preferred) for the madness session to by 25th.Jul. If you're not familiar with the 'madness' stuff, probably the CHI Madness Example Gallery would be a good starting point to understand it. This is a place to briefly introduce poster/demo presentations to all conference participants so that they can check interesting work to visit later. Basically, all 22 presenters give a very short oral presentation (1 minute!) to the audience in turn. To avoid machine/slide switching trouble, your slides would be integrated into one big madness slide set prior to the WIP session. Your cooperation is really appreciated as we need to check all the slides and work on the presentation arrangement in advance. You can also submit movie files, but please consider to use common codecs. For your information, we're planning to use recent MacBook (Air) for the madness presentation. In the case if we fail to replay received materials, we'll contact you again in reponse to the submission.

WIP Presentation Titles and Authors (blue IDs are the invited papers from the CPSNA'11 workshop)

ID Title Authors Presentation type
01 NUHS: Non-device-dependent Utilization of Heterogeneous Sensors Shun Fukumoto, Niwat Thepvilojanapong and Yoshito Tobe Poster
02 Schedulability Analysis of P-FRP using Time Petri Nets Chaitanya Belwal and Albert M.K. Cheng Poster
03 A Small-Sized Mobile Pedestrian Counter Using a Stereo Camera Kazumasa Oshima, Makoto Arie, Toru Ubukata, Alessandro Moro, Kenji Terabayashi, Tatsunori Ushikubo, Tatsuhiro Nishimoto, Masayuki Tada, Kei Sawai, Yoshito Tobe and Kazunori Umeda Demo
04 Online Log Analysis System for Real-time System's Faults Midori Sugaya Poster
05 Video Transmission System for Emergency Medical Treatment Isao Nishihara, Tetsuya Yamamoto, Shizuo Nakano and Michito Matsumoto Poster
06 Implementation of SCTP Mobility in The Linux Kernel Michio Honda and Hideyuki Tokuda Demo
07 Implementation of Congestion Control for Multimedia Streaming Midori Kato, Michio Honda and Hideyuki Tokuda Demo
08 Lifetime Reservation for High-priority Applications on Multifunctional Mobile Node Masato Mori, Jin Nakazawa and Hideyuki Tokuda Demo
09 A Pilot Study on Outdoor EEG Measurements towards Brain Life-Log System Hideaki Touyama Poster
10 An Application Platform for Sensor-Actuator Network Using Twitter Ryohei Sasaki and Ren Ohmura Demo
11 A Sensor for Infectious Diseases Koshi Odagiri and Yoichi Muraoka Poster
12 Analyzing the Effeictiveness of Caching for Fast Storage Media Eunji Lee, Kern Koh, Miri Byun and Hyokyung Bahn Poster
13 Towards Real-time Monitoring of DRE Systems Using Dynamic Binary Instrumentation Middleware Tanumoy Pati and James H. Hill Poster
14 Towards Evolutionary Testing of Component-based DRE System Deployments in the Cloud T. Manjula Peiris and James H. Hill Poster
15 Towards a Comprehensive Method for Integrating Trust into Enterprise DRE Systems Lahiru S. Gallege, Dimuthu U. Gamege, James H. Hill and Rajeev R. Raje Poster
16 Composition Kernel: A Multi-core Processor Virtualization Layer for Highly Functional Embedded Systems Tatsuo Nakajima, Yuki Kinebuchi, Alexandre Courbot, Hiromasa Shimada, Tsung-Han Lin and Hitoshi Mitake Demo
17 Feature Selection and Activity Recognition to Detect Water Waste from Water Tap Usage Trang Thuy Vu, Akifumi Sokan, Hironori Nakajo, Kaori Fujinami, Jaakko Suutala, Pekka Siirtola, Tuomo Alasalmi, Ari Pitkänen and Juha Röning Poster
18 Dynamic Activation Timing Configuration for Product Line Development Tasuku Ishigooka and Fumio Narisawa Poster
19 A Study about Identification of Pedestrian by using 3-axis Accelerometer Daisuke Sugimori, Takeshi Iwamoto and Michito Matsumoto Poster
20 Stabilization of Projected Image for Wearable Walking Support System Using Pico-Projector Satoshi Murata and Kaori Fujinami Demo
21 Mobile Image Search via Local Crowd: a User Study Yefeng Liu, Todorka Alexandrova, Vili Lehdonvirta, Hiroaki Kimura and Tatsuo Nakajima Poster
22 Improving Branch Prediction related WCET Abstract Interpretation Stephane Louise Poster

Work-in-Progress Session Co-Chair

Tetsuo Yamabe, Waseda University, Japan
Tatsuo Nakajima, Waseda University, Japan