Text Box: Text Box: International Symposium on
Integrated Uncertainty Management and Applications

With a Special Event Honoring Professors Michio Sugeno and Hideo Tanaka's Retirement from Academic Duties

9-11 April 2010, Ishikawa, Japan

Objectives and Topics

Solving practical problems often requires the integration of information and knowledge from many different sources and further takes uncertainty and impreciseness into account. This gives rise to the demand for methods and techniques of managing and integrating various types of uncertainty within a coherent framework, so as to ultimately improve the solution to any such complex problem in practice. The objectives of the Symposium are outlined as follows:

 to bring together researchers working on uncertainty formalisms in information and knowledge systems;

 to attract researchers working in social sciences (economics, business, management and environmental sciences) who are interested in applying uncertainty-related tools and techniques;

 to bring together researchers and practitioners in order to foster the collaboration on research and application involving uncertainty management; and

 to present and discuss open research problems and novel applications.

The list of possible topics includes (but is not limited to):


 Uncertainty formalisms: Bayesian probability, Dempster-Shafer theory, imprecise probability, random sets, rough sets, fuzzy sets and interval methods

 Information fusion and knowledge integration in uncertain environments

 Decision making under various types of uncertainty

 Aggregation operators for decision making

 Copulas for dependence modelling

 Granular and soft computing


 Data mining and knowledge discovery

 Ranking and recommendation systems

 Kansei engineering and evaluation

 Engineering management

 Supply chain management

 Management of services

 Environmental and economics sciences

Paper Submission

The authors are invited to submit their full papers by September 20, 2009. The submissions will be peer-reviewed for originality and scientific quality. The proceedings will be published as an edited book in Springer-Verlags series E/span>Advances in Intelligent and Soft ComputingE and be available at the Symposium. Papers should follow the LaTeX series format as described at http://www.springer.com/series/4240/.

Submissions should not exceed 12 pages in the Springer-Verlag format. Please send your papers in PDF via email to Van Nam Huynh at huynh@jaist.ac.jp.

Symposium-Related Special Issue

After the Conference, the authors of the best ranked papers will be invited to submit extended versions of their works for consideration in a special issue of the journal Annals of Operations Research (Springer)