Text Box: Text Box: International Symposium on
Integrated Uncertainty Management and Applications

With a Special Event Honoring Professors Michio Sugeno and Hideo Tanaka's Retirement from Academic Duties

9-11 April 2010, Ishikawa, Japan

IUM 2010 Program

April 9 (Friday), 2010 (High-Tech Center)

8:30 -: Registration (High-Tech Center)

9:00 - 9:15 : Opening Session (Professor Yoshiteru Nakamori, Dr. Van-Nam Huynh)

9:15 E10:30 : Distinguished Plenary 1 -Prof. Michio Sugeno (chair: Prof. Hung T. Nguyen)

From Cardinal Preference Models based on Choquet Integrals to Ordinal Preference Models based on Sugeno Integrals

10: 30 - 10:45 : Coffee break

10:45 - 12:00 :  Distinguished Plenary 2 - Prof. Hideo Tanaka (chair: Prof. Yoshiteru Nakamori)

Interval-Based Models for Decision Problems

12:00 - 13: 10 : Lunch (lunch boxes)

13:10 -14: 10 : Keynote talk 1 - Prof. Janusz Kacprzyk (chair: Prof. Witold Pedrycz)

Computing with Words and Systemic Functional Linguistics: Linguistic Data Summaries and Natural Language Generation

14:10 - 14:25 : Coffee break

14:25 - 15: 15 : Invited talk 1 - Prof. Bernard De Baets (chair: Prof. Masahiro Inuiguchi)

Quasi-copulas: A Bridge Between Fuzzy Set Theory and Probability Theory

15:15 -15:35 : Coffee break

15:35- 17:35 : Session 1A - Aggregation and Decision Making (chair: Prof. Tru H. Cao)

 “Aggregation of Quasiconcave Functions" J. Ramik & M. Vlach

 “On the Applications of Aggregation Operators in Data Privacy" V. Torra, G. Navarro-Arribas & D. Abril

 “Fuzzy MCDM and the Sugeno Integral" D. Dubois, H. Fargier & S. Sandri

 “Choquet Integral Models with a Constant" E. Takahagi

 “Group Decisions in Interval AHP Based on Interval Regression Analysis" T. Entani & M. Inuiguchi

 “Linguistic Multiexpert Decision Making Involving Semantic Overlapping" H. Yan, V.N. Huynh & Y. Nakamori

15:35 - 17:35 : Session 1B - Integrated Uncertainty and Operations Research I (chair: Prof. Thierry Denoeux)

 “Symmetries: A General Approach to Integrated Uncertainty" V. Kreinovich, H.T. Nguyen & S. Sriboonchitta

 “On Interval Probabilities" P. Guo & H. Tanaka

 “Qualitative and Quantitative Data Envelopment Analysis with Interval Data" M. Inuiguchi & F. Mizoshita

 “Hybrid Fuzzy Least-squares Regression Model for Qualitative Characteristics" O. Poleshchuk & E. Komarov

 “Single-Period Inventory Models with Fuzzy Shortage Costs Dependent on Random Demands" T. Hasuike & H. Ishii

 “Constructing Fuzzy Random Goal Constraints for Stochastic Fuzzy Goal Programming" N. Arbaiy & J. Watada

18:30 - : Reception (High-Tech Center)

April 10 (Saturday), 2010 (High-Tech Center)

8:45 - : Registration

9:00 - 10:00 : Keynote talk 2 - Prof. Hung T. Nguyen (chair: Prof. Janusz Kacprzyk)

On Choquet Integral Risk Measures

10: 00 - 10:15 : Coffee break

10:15 - 11:15 :  Keynote talk 3 -Prof. Witold Pedrycz  (chair: Prof. Vladik Kreinovich)

Managing Granular Information in the Development of Human-Centric Systems

11:15 -11: 30 : Coffee break

11:30 - 12: 20 : Invited talk 2 - Prof. Thierry Denoeux (chair: Dr. Van-Nam Huynh)

Dempster-Shafer Reasoning in Large Partially Ordered Sets: Applications in Machine Learning

12:20 -13:30 : Lunch (lunch boxes)

13:30 -15:10 : Session 2A - Reasoning with Uncertainty (chair: Prof. Milan Vlach)

 “Reasoning with Uncertainty in Continuous Domains" E. Carvalho, J. Cruz & P. Barahona

 “Information Cell Mixture Models: The Cognitive Representations of Vague Concepts" Y. Tang & J. Lawry

 “Combination of Uncertain Class Membership Degrees with Probabilistic, Belief, and Possibilistic Measures" Tru H. Cao & V. N. Huynh

 “Toward Rough Sets Based Rule Generation from Tables with Uncertain Numerical Values" H. Sakai, M. Nakata & D. Slezak

 “Acquiring Knowledge from Decision Tables for Evidential Reasoning" K. Yamada & V. Kimala

13:30 -15:10 : Session 2B - Integrated Uncertainty and Operations Research II (chair: Prof. Junzo Watada)

 “Capacities, Set-valued Random Variables and Laws of Large Numbers for Capacities" S. Li & W. Yang

 “Kolmogorov-Smirnov Two Samle Test with Continuous Fuzzy Data" P.-C. Lin, B. Wu & J. Watada

 “A Variable-Capacity Based Fuzzy Random Facility Location Problem with VaR bjective" S. Wang, J. Watada & S. B. Yaakob

 “Double-Layered Hybrid Neural Network Approach for Solving Mixed Integer Quadratic Bilevel Problems" S. B. Yaakob & J. Watada

 “A Novel Idea of Real-Time Fuzzy Switching Regression Analysis: A Nuclear Power Plants Case Study" A. A. Ramli & J. Watada

15:10 - 15: 25 : Coffee break

15:25 -17:05 : Session 3A - Logical Approaches to Uncertainty (chair: Prof. Tetsuya Murai)

 “Bags, Toll Sets, and Fuzzy Sets" S. Miyamoto

 “Granularity and Approximation in Sequences, Multisets, and Sets in the Framework of Kripke Semantics" T. Murai, S. Ubukata, Y. Kudo, S. Akama & S. Miyamoto

 “Uncertainty in Future: A Paraconsistant Approach" S. Akama, T. Murai & Y. Kudo

 “Filters on Commutative Residuated LatticesEEM. Kondo

 “An Algebraic Structure of Fuzzy Logics with Weakly Associative Conjunctors" M. F. Kawaguchi, Y. Koike & M. Miyakoshi

15:25 -17:05 : Session 3B - Application (chair: Dr. Son H. Nguyen)

 “Rough Analysis for Knowledge Discovery in a Simplified Earthquake Database" Y. Bi, S. Wu, X. Shen & J. Guan

 “How to Activate a Collaboration Network via a Core Employee’s Communication?" H. Yuhashi & J. Iijima

 “Restructuring of Rough Sets for Fuzzy Random Data of Creative City Evaluation" L.-C. Lin & J. Watada

 “Consideration on Sensitivity for Correspondence Analysis and Curriculum Comparison" M. Ida

 “User Authentication via Keystroke Dynamics Using Bio-matrix and Fuzzy Neural Network" T. T. Nguyen, B. H. Le, T. H. Le & N. H. Le

19:00 - : Special Session “Honoring Prof. M. Sugeno and Prof. H. Tanaka" [chair: Prof. Hung T. Nguyen] and Banquet  (Kanazawa International Hotel)

April 11 (Sunday), 2010 (High-Tech Center)

9:00- 11:00 : Session 4A - Fuzzy Measures and Integrals  (chair: Dr. Yasuo Narukawa)

 “A Survey of Fuzzy Integrals: Directions for Extensions" H. Imaoka

 “Choquet Integral on Locally Compact Space: A Survey" Y. Narukawa & V. Torra

 “New Conditions for the Egoroff Theorem in Non-additive Measure Theory" M. Takahashi & T. Murofushi

 “Representations of Importance and Interaction of Fuzzy Measures, Capacities, Games and Its Extensions: A Survey" K. Fujimoto

 “Entropy of Fuzzy Measure" A. Honda & M. Grabisch

 “A Study of Riesz Space-valued Non-additive Measures" J. Kawabe

9:00 -11:00 : Session 4B - Data Mining (chair: Prof. Sadaaki Miyamoto)

 “Scalable Methods in Rough Sets" S. H. Nguyen & H. S. Nguyen

 “On a Criterion for Evaluating the Accuracy of Approximation by Variable Precision Rough Sets" Y. Kudo & T. Murai

 “Comparison of Various Evolutionary and Mimetic Algorithms" K. Balazs, J. Botzheim & L. T. Koczy

 “On the Selection of Parameter m in Fuzzy c-Means: A Computational Approach" L. G. Jaimes & V. Torra

 “Dissimilarity based Principal Component Analysis using Fuzzy Clustering" M. Sato-Ilic

 “Fuzzy and Semi-hard c-Means Clustering with Application to Classifier Design" H. Ichihashi, A. Notsu & K. Honda

11:00 -11: 30 : Closing and Coffee break

11: 30- Excursion to Kanazawa City  (lunch boxes will be served during the tour)