1st International Symposium on Intelligence Design (ISID 2021) is an international conference for researchers from various research fields to discuss about the potential future of artificial intelligence and design. This symposium aims to introduce the latest research findings by world-class researchers who lead innovation design and researchers, and to discuss unexplored research areas in the field and the possibility of approaching new issues. ISID 2021 is held by International Research Center for Innovation Design in Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) as JAIST 30 Years Anniversary Event (HP), and supported by JAIST Co-AI Design Research Core and Creative AI Advanced Research Base. ISID 2021 is a totally online event, is free to register. Registration link.

Important Date
Poster Submission (only abstract): Feb. 22, 2021   →  March.1, 2021
Registration: March.9, 2021
Symposium: March. 13-15, 2021

Poster Submission
The Symposium on Intelligence Design invites the exciting work as poster presentation, work-in-progress or partially finished work in design and AI related topics are also welcomed. Only abstract submission is required without manuscript. As the first symposium, ISID 2021 will provide opportunity for experience sharing rather than publication record. We will provide the Best Poster Awards for best poster presentations.
All submission must be submitted electronically to EasyChair. EasyChair link


ISID 2021 has invited the following keynote speaker from wide range of research fields in Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Design.

  • Professor
    Takeo IGARASHI

    Human-in-the-loop Computational Design

    Department of Computer Science,
    The University of Tokyo

  • Professor
    Ye ZHAO

    Interactive Visualization for Learning Model Explanation

    Department of Computer Science,
    Kent State University

  • Professor
    Christian GUELLERIN

    Towards A New Humanism : The New Responsabilities of The Design Schools

    Executive Director
    L’École de design Nantes Atlantique

  • Professor

    Designing Products in the Era of Industry 4.0

    Chairman and Professor of CPDM
    Indian Institute of Science Bangalore

  • Associate Professor
    Ricardo SOSA

    Artificial Creativity: Technical and Ethical Challenges for The Future of Design Creativity and AI

    School of Future Environments
    Auckland University of Technology

  • Associate Professor
    Jianxi LUO

    Data-Driven Innovation

    Data-Driven Innovation Lab
    Singapore University of Technology and Design


This symposium is free to join for everyone interested in the topics of intelligence design. However, a pre-registration is required for further contact about online conference information. Please register to join our symposium before 9th March, 2021.

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The whole three days program of ISID 2021 is arranged as follows.

13th March (Saturday)
Time(Tokyo Time) Activity  
13:30 Welcome
13:40 Session 1 Co-AI Design Chair: Kazunori Miyata (JAIST)
13:40 Talk Multimodal Social Signal Processing for Communication Skills Assessment
Shogo Okada (JAIST)
13:55 Talk Toshiki Sato (JAIST)
14:10 Talk Design with Softness: Case Studies in Robotics
Anh Van Ho (JAIST)
14:25 Talk Deep Generative Design with Disentangled Features
Haoran Xie (JAIST)
14:40 Talk Kentaro Takashima (JAIST)
Poster Session 1 Chair: Haoran Xie (JAIST)
15:00 Fast Forward - Poster Session 1
15:20 Poster
17:00 keynote Towards A New Humanism : The New Responsabilities of The Design Schools
Christian Guellerin (L’École de design Nantes Atlantique)
Session 2 Virtual Design Chair: Kazushi Nishimoto (JAIST)
17:30 Talk How Immersive Media is Being Used in Art & Design Education
Janaka Rajapakse (Tainan National University of the Arts)
17:55 Talk Design for Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Frédérique Krupa (L’École de design Nantes Atlantique)
18:15 Closing
14th March (Sunday)
Time(Tokyo Time) Activity  
10:20 keynote Artificial Creativity: Technical and Ethical Challenges for Future of Design Creativity and AI
Ricardo Sosa (Auckland University of Technology)
Session 3 Design for Future Society Chair: Akane Matsume(Kyushu Uni.)
11:00 Talk Extracting User Requirements from Online Reviews with Neural Sequence Labeling Models
Kieu Que Anh (JAIST)
11:20 Talk Re-imaging Society through Design, Creativity and AI
Shen Tao (Tongji University)
11:40 Lunch Break
14:00 keynote Designing Products in the Era of Industry 4.0
Ameresh Chakrabarti (Indian Institute of Science)
14:40 keynote Data-Driven Innovation
Jianxi Luo (Singapore University of Technology and Design)
Session 4 Design Innovation Chair:Yukari Nagai (JAIST)
15:20 Talk Creativity for Social Innovation Design
Akane Matsume (Kyushu University)
15:40 Talk Fueling Future Innovators - Delving Into The Creative Cognitive Process
Shakuntala Acharya (Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati)
16:00 Talk Successful Design Conversations: AI-based Feedback for Creativity Support
Georgi Geogiev (University of Oulu)
16:20 Closing
15th March (Monday)
Time(Tokyo Time) Activity  
9:50 Welcome
10:00 keynote Interactive Visualization for Learning Model Explanation
Ye Zhao (Kent State University)
Session 5 Computational Design Chair: Tsukasa Fukusato (University of Tokyo)
10:35 Talk Embedding Physical Priors to Machine Learning Systems
Bo Zhu (Dartmouth College)
11:00 Talk Data-Driven Approaches for Realistic Tree Modeling and Animation
Shaojun Hu(Northwest A&F University)
11:25 Talk Computational Design with Human Assessment
Yuki Koyama (AIST)
11:50 Lunch break
13:30 keynote Human-in-the-loop Computational Design
Takeo Igarashi (University of Tokyo)
Session 6 Creative AI Chair: Xi Yang (University of Tokyo)
14:05 Talk Application of Evolutionary Computing for Visual Computing Problems
Chao Zhang (University of Fukui)
14:30 Talk Cartoon Design Challenge with Computer-Assisted Technologies
Tsukasa Fukusato (University of Tokyo)
14:55 Talk
Jun Kato (AIST)
15:20 Break
Poster Session 2 Chair:Chao Zhang (University of Fukui)
15:25 Fast Forward - Poster Session 2
16:00 Poster Session
17:00 Closing (Awards Ceremony)


General Chair

Program Chair


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