The BITS Lab is a research group within the School of Information Theory at JAIST. We do research on coding theory, information theory and communications, and their applications to all forms of communication, but particularly wireless communications and data storage. The beauty of information theory lies in the practical nature of very elegant mathematical results, and our work has both theoretical and practical aspects.

Why “BITS”? The fundamental unit of information is the bit. Transmission is communication in space: sending bits from one place, to another place, by wireless or wired data transmission. Storage is communication in time: writing bits at one time, and reading them at a later time, by writing them to a storage device. BITS means bits of information, transmitted and stored. Note, it is a recursive acronym.

Follow us on Facebook, watch our YouTube channel, and read the Laboratory Introduciton given on April 10, 2018 to prospective Masters students.  Check out the laboratory desciption on the JAIST page.