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JAIST cup 2012 13x13 Go exhibition match(AI vs strong amateur(KGS 7d))

First and second place programs of 13x13 Go tournament challenge to strong amateur players with NO HANDICAP!
Junzo MITSUNAGA(Professional 6d) will comment on the matches, and matches will be relayed on "Niconico".

Player and Commentator

Player Takashi Hosoya Player Motoki Noguchi Commentator Junzo Mitsunaga


Date and schedule

Mar. 6, Morning(Japan Standard Time,UTC +9:00)
9:00~9:30Commentate record of the 13x13 Go tournament Final
9:30~11:00Motoki Noguchi vs AI
11:00~12:30Takashi Hosoya vs AI


Motoki Noguchi(White) vs pachi2(Black)
Motoki Noguchi(White) WIN
log file is here

Takashi Hosoya(Black) vs Zen19S(White)
Zen19S(White) WIN
log file is here

JAIST CUP 2012 executive committee