Permanent member:

KIM, Eunyoung (キム ウニョン、金恩英) 

Associate Professor, Human life design area, School of Knowledge Science, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (2017- present)

Students & Researchers:

Entered 2017

Master students and research topics

  • Fang, Minghong: e-learningにおける学習型ビデオの字幕デザイン手法と学習効果評価に及ぼす影響 (Designing the subtitle for e-learning) Graduated in Mar.2019
  • Feng, Shuai: 日本における電子ビジネス応用発展の可能性に関する研究―「TencentのWeChat」を例として― Graduated in Mar.2019
    (Development of e-business in Japan: a case study of Tencent Wechat)
  • Mizutani, Mizuki: 自由な発言を促進するための空間的な要因に関する研究:ワールド・カフェの方法を利用したグループワーク (Community building design through the World cafe) Graduated in Mar.2019
  • ZHOU, Xiao: A study on influential factors on the yield of Commercial Mortgage-backed Securities(CMBS): case study of the Chinese CMBS projects-
  • An, Jing : Students’ Perception on the teaching methods of English reading under the curriculum reform in Chinese high schools
  • Safdar, Urooj: Proposing a service model for the used-car auction industry

Project researcher

  • Javed, Amna (~ Mar. 2018)

Research students

  • Jahan, Irin: Empowering the women social entrepreneurs in Bangladesh
  • Ren, Mengjia: Diffusion of the Alipay in Japan

Entered 2018

Doctoral students

  • Sun, Xiaolei: Designing a learning method to enhance creative thinking skills in Art and Design education
  • Li, Zhiheng: Optimizing the design of indoor environment based on the impact of environmental comfort on student performance
  • Ruma, Nilima (Doctoral Research Fellowship): Designing an Innovative Business Model to Transform the Status of Handloom Jamdani Weavers: A Case of Jamdani Ville

Research student

  • Katha, Karishma (MEXT Scholarship): Towards Social Engagement Platform for Skills Development of Social Entrepreneurs

Entered 2019

Doctoral students and research topic

  • Sun, Qiangang: Reflective cognitive process for the creativity in ceramic making
  • Yang, Mingrui (Doctoral Research Fellowship): Designing an entrepreneurship education program for enhancing the entrepreneurial motivation
  • Jiang, Haiming (Doctoral Research Fellowship): Managerial incentives and earnings management / Design and Implementation of “SPOC Teaching Mode” based on fostering creative ability

Master students

  • Katha, Karishma (MEXT Scholarship): A Framework of Enhancing Skills of Social Entrepreneurs Via Mobile Social Networking Services
  • Jia, Yinghui: Designing a learning program of IT skills for non-major students
  • Zhang, Yue : Development of a mobile application for learning Japanese language
  • Sun, Jun : Designing a innovation workshop

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