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Surname: Marques

Given name: Pedro

Contact (E-mail address, Website)

E-mail: P4803[a_t]

Website: -


Position: Assistant Professor

Organization: Faculty of Engineering, Universidade Lúsofona Address: Campo Grande, Lisbon

Country: Portugal


Design Creativity

Research Interests

Design creativity, Product-service systems, Innovation, Mechanical Design

Selected Publications

P. Marques, A. Silva, E. Henriques, & C. Magee (2014). A descriptive framework of the design process from a dual cognitive-engineering perspective, Int. J. Design Creativity and Innov 3 (2) 142-164.

P. Marques et al. (2013). "A methodology for developing product-service systems", Proc CIRP 7,371-376, Elsevier.

P. Marques (2014). Integrating product-service systems with new business models definition in manufacturing companies, Int J Serv Sci, Man, Eng and Tech (in press).