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  • 2018.1.31-2.2: Shen Tao, Shao Dan, Tsubasa Nakamura (Nagai Lab. Doctoral students) will make presentation at The Fifth International Conference on Design Creativity2018 to be held in UK.
  • 2017.12.4-12.7: Yukari Nagai will make presentation at Design 4 Health.Ding Wei, Tsubasa Nakamura's(Nagai Lab. Doctoral students) research has been accepted for Design 4 Health international conference that will be held on December 4-7th in Melbourne.
  • 2017.11.25-11.27: Prof.Nagai will make the keynote speech at The International Confernce on Electrical Engineering and Informatics 2017 to be held in Malaysia.


School of Knowledge Science,

Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

1-1 Asahidai, Nomi, Ishikawa 923-1292 Japan

Tel: +81-(0)761-51-1706

E-mail: ynagai@jaist.ac.jp

New Springer book on Concept Generation for Design Creativity:
A Systematized Theory and Methodology
-> "Concept Generation for Design Creativity" (Springer website)

Springer book on Design Creativity (ICDC 2010)
-> "Design Creativity 2010" (Springer website)

Special Issue of Japanese Society for the Science of Design:
-> "What is "What's the Design"?" (pdf)

Fireflies in summer nearby JAIST

JAIST - Evening view in south-west

View of JAIST campus area (left) from the nearby Mountain Shishiku

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