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  • 2021.12.19: Dr. Hiroko Murayama made a research presentation at Tongji Design Week: TENTH ANNUAL "EMERGING PRACTICES" DESIGN RESEARCH AND EDUCATION CONFERENCE (EPC 2021)

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      ¢£Research title:
      Research on Design Knowledge Focusing on User”Ēs Social Emotions

      Hiroko Murayama, Yukari Nagai

  • 2021.11.24-26: Dr. Bao Haiqing and Dr. Suzuko Nishino will present their research at The Sixteenth International Conference on Knowledge, Information and Creativity Support Systems (KICSS 2021).
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      ¢£Research title: Bao Haiqing


School of Knowledge Science,

Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

1-1 Asahidai, Nomi, Ishikawa 923-1292 Japan

Tel: +81-(0)761-51-1706

E-mail: ynagai@jaist.ac.jp

New Springer book on Concept Generation for Design Creativity:
A Systematized Theory and Methodology
-> "Concept Generation for Design Creativity" (Springer website)

Springer book on Design Creativity (ICDC 2010)
-> "Design Creativity 2010" (Springer website)

Special Issue of Japanese Society for the Science of Design:
-> "What is "What's the Design"?" (pdf)

Fireflies in summer nearby JAIST

JAIST - Evening view in south-west

View of JAIST campus area (left) from the nearby Mountain Shishiku

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