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Surname: Bonnardel

Given name: Nathalie

Contact (E-mail address, Web site)

E-mail: Nathalie.Bonnardel[a_t]



Position: Full professor

Organization: University of Provence (Aix-Marseille I) & Research center in Psychology of Cognition, Language and Emotion

Address: 29, avenue Robert Schuman 13090 Aix-en-Provence

Country: France


Cognitive and ergonomic psychology

Research Interests

Pr. Nathalie Bonnardel is interested in studying cognitive processes in design activities and, especially, creativity in design. The objectives of such studies are (1) a better understanding of creative design activities and the proposal of cognitive models of these activities, and (2) contributions to the development of computational support environments adapted to designers.

Selected Publications

  • Bonnardel, N. (2006). Creativite et Conception: Approches cognitives et ergonomiques. Marseille: Solal Editions. (208 pages - ISBN 2-914513-93-3).
  • Bonnardel, N., & Marmeche, E. (2005). Towards supporting evocation processes in creative design: A cognitive approach. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 63, 442-435
  • Bonnardel, N., & Marmeche, E. (2004). Evocation processes by novice and expert designers: Towards stimulating analogical thinking. Creativity and Innovation Management, 13(3), 176-186.
  • Gero, J.S. & Bonnardel, N. (Eds., 2005). Studying Designers'05. Sydney: University of Sydney. (385 pages - ISBN 1 86487 743 X).