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Given name: IVAN

Contact (E-mail address, Web site)

E-mail: iee1[_at_]


Position: Associate professor of Engineering

Organization: The Pennsylvania State University

Address: 25 Yearsely Mill Road, Media, PA 19063

Country: USA


Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests

Creativity, Engineering Design Methodologies, Collaborative and Global Design

Selected Publications

  • Esparragoza, I.E., 2009, Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship and Leadership: Challenges for Latin America to be Competitive in the Global Economy, Proceeding of the 7th International Latin American and Caribbean Conference for Engineering and Technology (LACCEI 2009), San Cristobal, Venezuela, June 2-5, 2009.
  • Maury, H., Pinzon, R., and Esparragoza, I.E., 2008, International Collaborative Learning Experience through Global Engineering Design Projects: A Case Study. Cooperative Design, Visualization and Engineering, Springer-Link, Vol. 5220/2008, pp. 212-215.
  • Esparragoza, I.E., Gutierrez, D., Aguilar, M., Rodriguez, C., Maury, H., Penagos, J.W., Ocampo, J. and Alvarez. D. 2007. Building international collaboration experiences among LACCEI institutions through global design projects. Latin American and Caribbean Journal of Engineering Education, V1, (1), pp. 20-26.
  • Esparragoza, I.E., 2004, Enhancing visualization skills in freshman engineering students, Proceedings of the 59th Annual Meeting and Conference of the ASEE Engineering Design Graphics Division,21-23 November, 2004 Williamsburg, VA.