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  • 2020.11.25-27:International Conference on Knowledge, Information and Creativity Support System(KICSS 2020)において博士後期課程のGao Weiさん、Chiang Hua-Koさん、Yu Yangさん、Jiang Jieさん、Yi Mingさん、CUI Xiuxiaさん、角田勝さん、博士前期課程のZHAO Jingさんが発表します。



    • 研究タイトル:

      presentation title:Influencing Factor and Intervention Strategies of Kindergarten Outdoor Environment on Children's Accidental Injury
      author name:Gao Wei, Yukari Nagai, Zhang Ruifeng

      presentation title:Measurement of Integrating with ERP and ECS
      author name:Hua-Ko Chiang, Yukari Nagai, Tzuhang Chiang, Yuugyu Lin

      presentation title:A Study on Cognitive Thinking in Visual Design:Words of Different Semantic Types to Inspire Creativity
      author name:Yang Yu, Eunyoung Kim, Yukari Nagai, Fei Fei, Jie Jiang

      presentation title:Research on New Quantitative Methods to Understand the Vitality of Urban Public Space




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New Springer book on Concept Generation for Design Creativity:
A Systematized Theory and Methodology
-> "Concept Generation for Design Creativity" (Springer website)

Springer book on Design Creativity (ICDC 2010)
-> "Design Creativity 2010" (Springer website)

Special Issue of Japanese Society for the Science of Design:
-> "What is "What's the Design"?" (pdf)

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