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  • 2024.07.02Mr. Yano (M1) has joined our group.
  • 2024.04.04Mr. Nguyen (M2), Ms. Qi (M1), and Mr. Sumalde (RS) have joined our group.
  • 2024.03.25Mr. Nakajma has completed his doctor course. Mr. Shimpo, Mr. Ohashi and Mr. Yang have completed their master course.


Ohdaira laboratory has been established in 2012. We are welcoming new students who would like to work on our research together toward the development of next-generation Si-based solar cells. We are also welcoming collaborative researches with companies on various researches.


We are working toward the establishment of the new basic technologies by three approaches; “Formation of polycrystalline Si films for solar cells by flash lamp annealing,” “Application of Cat-CVD to the fabrication of solar cells,” and “Potential-induced degradation of crystalline Si photovoltaic modules”.

We have various kinds of film-deposition apparatus and evaluation equipments. Please contact us if you would like to do measurement and processing with them.
We respect students’ initiatives and help them to do their research by their own idea. The graduates from this laboratory work actively in companies and research institutes.

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