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1.      Principle Investigator: JAIST Grant for Fundamental Research 2012

2.      Co-investigator: Grant Aids for Scientific Research (B) FY2008-FY2011: Research Project Number: 20300057

3.      Principle Investigator:  Grant Aids for Scientific Research Yong (B) FY2010-FY2011:  Research Project Number: Research Project Number: 22700139

4.      JAIST Grant for Assistant Professor 2008, 2009

5.      The Telecommunications Advancement Foundation (TAF) grant for young researchers to attend an international conference held in a foreign country (2005)


Professional memberships/affiliations and activities in a community


1.      Guest Editor Special Issue on Natural Language Processing and Text Analytics in Industry


2.      Program Commitee:  SoICT 2014, ACML 2014, PACLIC 05, ICT-Hanoi 2007,  ICT-Hanoi 2008, AI 2006,  PRICAI 2008, EMALP 2008, VLSP 2012,  IFSR 2005, KSE 09, KSE 10, KSE 12, KSE 13, KSE 14, PAKDD 2013,  RIVF 2013

3.      Reviewer international journals: Transactions on Computational Linguistic (TACL), ACM TALIP, Artificial Intelligence, IEICE transactions on Information System, Journal of Natural Language Processing (JNLP), Journal New Generation Computing, Journal Advanced Artificial Intelligence, International Journal of   Intelligent Information and Database Systems (IJIIDS)

4.      PC member of special issue of journal of natural language processing in Japan (Vol. 17 (2010), No.3)

5.      Chair of sections: NLDB 2011 conference, EMALP 2010, IJCNLP 2013

6.      Externer Reviewer:  PAKDD 04, PAKDD05, PAKDD06, PRICAI 2006, PRICAI 08, PRICAI 10 PAKDD07,  PAKDD 11, IEA/AIE 2007, IEEE ICDM 2009, ICDM 2010, KDD 2008



Publications in DPLP

Publications since 2008

1.        Oanh Thi Tran, Ngo Xuan Bach, Minh Le Nguyen, Akira Shimazu: Automated reference resolution in legal texts. Artif. Intell. Law 22(1): 29-60 (2014)

2.        Ngo Xuan BachMinh Le NguyenAkira ShimazuExploiting discourse information to identify paraphrases. Expert Syst. Appl. 41(6): 2832-2841 (2014

3.        M.L. Nguyen and A. Shimazu: A semi supervised learning for mapping NL sentences to logical form with ambiguous supervision, Data and Knowledge Engineering (90) 1-12, 2014

4.        B.X. Ngo, M.L. Nguyen, T.T. Oanh, A. Shimazu, “A Two-Phase Framework for Learning Logical Structures of Paragraphs in Legal Articles”,  ACM Transactions on Asian Language Information Processing (ACM TALIP), Volume 12(1), 2013

5.        M. Pham, M.L. Nguyen, A. Shimazu, “An Empirical Study of Recognizing Textual Entailment in Japanese Text”,  ACM Transactions on Asian Language Information Processing (ACM TALIP), Volume 11(4), 2012

6.        M.Q.N. Pham, M.L. Nguyen, B.X. Ngo, A. Shimazu, “A Learning to Rank Method for Information Updating Task”, Applied Intelligence (3) pp. 1-12, 2012 (doi={10.1007/s10489-012-0343-2})

7.        J. Qu, M.L. Nguyen, A. Shimazu, T. Theeramunkong, C. Nattee, P. Aimmanee, “A flexible rule-based approach for discovering medical English-Chinese OOV term translations from web with machine learning”, International Journal of Computer Processing Of Languages (IJCPOL) (accepted)

8.        B.X. Ngo, M.L.  Nguyen, A. Shimazu”RRE Task: The Task of Recognition of Requisite Part and Effectuation Part in Law Sentences”, International Journal of Computer Processing Of Languages (IJCPOL), Volume 23(2), pp. 109-139, 2011

9.        X.H. Phan, C.T. Nguyen, D.T. Le, M.L. Nguyen, S. Horiguchi, Q.T. Ha,  “A Hidden Topic-Based Framework Towards Building Applications with Short Web Documents” IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering - TKDE, Vol. 23(7), pp. 961-976, 2011

10.    V.C. Nguyen, M.L. Nguyen, A. Shimazu “Learning to Generate a Table-of-Contents with Supportive Knowledge”, IEICE TransactionsVol. 94-D (3)423-4292011

11.    M. Nakamura, Y. Kimura, M.Q.N. Pham, M.L. Nguyen and A. Shimazu”Treatment of Legal Sentences Including Itemization Written in Japanese, English and Vietnamese – Towards Translation into Logical Forms”Journal Natural Language Processing, Vol.17 (3) pp. 81-100 (2010)

12.    V.V. Nguyen, M.L. Nguyen, and A. Shimazu, “Clause Splitting with Conditional Random Field”Journal of Natural Language ProcessingVol. 16 (1)47-652009/09

13.    T.T. Nguyen, M.L. Nguyen, A. Shimazu, “Using Semi-supervised Learning for Question Classification”, Journal Natural Language Processing, Vol. 15(1), pp. 3-21, (2008)

14.    C.A. Le, A. Shimazu, V.N. Huynh, M.L. Nguyen, “Semi-Supervised Learning Integrated with Classifier Combination for Word Sense Disambiguation”, Computer Speech & Language, Vol. 22(4), pp. 330-345 (2008)  


Full Publications

Bottom of Form


  1. Conditional Random Fields (FLexCRFs): http://flexcrfs.sourceforge.net/
  2. Vietnamese-English Machine Translation
  3. Question and Answering Demo
  4. Question Classification Demo
  5. Segmentation and Part of Speech Tagging for Vietnamese



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