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EgoSpace : Augmenting Egocentric Space by Wearable Projector

Haoran Xie, Takuma Torii, Yuya Adachi, Haopeng Zhang, Ryo Sagisaka
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST)


In this work, we propose a novel wearable device to augment the user's egocentric space to a wide range. To achieve this goal, the proposed device provides bidirectional projection using a head-mounted wearable projector and two dihedral mirrors.




paper:[PDF](AHs2020);[PDF](INTERACTION2020, in Japanese)
video: [Youtube]
Poster: [PDF]


  • Yuya Adachi, Haoran Xie, Takuma Torii, Haopeng Zhang, Ryo Sagisaka. EgoSpace: Augmenting Egocentric Space by Wearable Projector. Augmented Humans International Conference (AHs2020), Demo track, Kaiserslautern, Germany, 2020.03. LINK
  • 足立優也, 張浩鵬, 鷺坂遼, 鳥居拓馬, 謝浩然, EgoSpace: 双方向映像投影可能なヘッドマウント型デバイス, インタラクション2020, インタラクティブ発表, 東京, 2020.3 LINK
  • 足立優也, 張浩鵬, 鷺坂遼, 鳥居拓馬, 謝浩然, 個人空間を拡張するウェアラブルデバイス「EgoSpace」の開発, 電子情報通信学会HCGシンポジウム2019, インタラクティブ発表, 広島, 2019.12 LINK

  • Awards

  • 学生優秀インタラクティブ発表賞(足立優也), HCGシンポジウム2019, 2019.12

  • Acknowledgements

    This project received funding from JAIST Research Grants and Hayao Nakayama Foundation for Science & Technology and Culture.

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