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xClothes : Augmenting Human Thermoregulation Using Shape Changing Clothes

Haoran Xie, Takuma Torii, Hiromu Matsuzaki, Kiyotaka Ishikawa, Tomohiro Sasaki
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST)


On the basis of the nature phenomena of the stomata opening, we propose a retractable structure with comfort sensitive actuator. The proposed device is composed of a temperature and humidity sensor, a servomotor, and a driving wire. When the values of clothing humidity reach outside the comfort zone, the proposed system can open or close the clothing hole structure accordingly. It is verified that the proposed shape changing clothing is valid for maintaining the wearing comfort in daily activities.




video: [Youtube]


  • Haoran Xie, Hiromu Matsuzaki and Takuma Torii. xClothes: Augmenting Human Thermoregulation Using Shape Changing Clothes. Augmented Human 2020, full paper, Canada, 2020.05.LINK
  • 松崎広夢 , 石川清皐, 佐々木仁大, 鳥居拓馬, 謝浩然, Smart Clothes: 開閉型機構を用いた衣服内気候調整服, インタラクション2020, インタラクティブ発表, 東京, 2020.3 LINK
  • 松崎広夢, 石川清皐, 佐々木仁大, 鳥居拓馬, 謝浩然, 植物の気孔を模した開閉型可変服の設計, 電子情報通信学会HCGシンポジウム2019, インタラクティブ発表, 広島, 2019.12 LINK

  • Acknowledgements

    This project received funding from JAIST Research Grants and Hayao Nakayama Foundation for Science & Technology and Culture, and JSPS KAKENHI grant JP20K19845.

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