Human Augmentation Group@JAIST

: A Wearable Tail Device For Augmenting Human Abilities

Haoran Xie, Takuma Torii, Kento Mitsuhashi, Lin Guo, Takashi Himoto, Yutaka Sakurai, Junji Shimono, Haruki Suzuki, JAIST


Inspired by animal tails, RESTAIL aims to design a wearable and functional tail device that combines both physical capability and emotional-expression functions.
As physical capability function, the proposed device can be transformed into a consolidated state to support a user's weight as a portable chair, similar to a kangaroo's tail.
As emotional-expression function, the proposed device can help users express their emotions, which are realized by different tail-motion patterns. , similar to a cat's tail.
RESTAIL is useful in the context of our daily lives.
Theme Park. The large theme parks like Disneyland could adopt RESTAIL to release the fatigue in the long queues waiting for popular attractions.
Personalized Tails. It can be enjoyable to design a tail with personalized shape and movements.
Communication Support. The proposed device could express the wearer’s emotion in public usages.



  • Haoran Xie, Kento Mitsuhashi and Takuma Torii, Augmenting Human With a Tail, Augmented Human International Conference (AH2019), full paper, Paris, 2019.03. LINK
  • 三橋 研人, 郭 琳, 櫻井豊, 下野純治, 鈴木玄貴, 樋本喬, 鳥居拓馬, 謝浩然,RESTAIL:人の身体能力と感情表現を拡張する尻尾型デバイス, インタラクション2019, インタラクティブ発表(プレミアム発表), 2019.03 LINK
  • 郭琳, 三橋研人, 櫻井豊,下野純治, 鈴木玄貴, 樋本喬, 鳥居拓馬, 謝浩然, 尻尾型身体拡張デバイス「RESTAIL」の開発, メディア工学研究会, 学生研究発表会, 2019.02 LINK

  • Media

  • 【トレたま】座れるしっぽ, テレビ東京・ワールドビジネスサテライト, 2019.03. [LINK]
  • 座れるしっぽ、RESTAIL(レステイル)のご紹介, トレンドミックスジュース, 2019.03. [LINK]
  • 人類も猫になれる?感情を表現できる尻尾型デバイス誕生, ニコニコニュース, 2019.03. [LINK]
  • 腰掛けられる“しっぽ”、いずれは感情表現も可能に, ニュースイッチ(livedoor), 2019.03. [LINK]
  • 北陸先端大、“腰掛けられるしっぽ”開発 感情呼応で動く機能も研究, 日刊工業新聞, 2019.03. [LINK]

  • Award

  • Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2019, Final Judging (April 2019).

  • Acknowledgements

    This project received funding from JSPS KAKENHI grant JP17H06574 and JAIST Research Grants.
    Great thank to Prof. N. Uchihira, Prof. K. Shirahada, Prof. S. Kobayashi for management efforts.

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