June 2024

Urban Design is a Science, Not an Art

May 2024

Active Workplace Design: Current Gaps and Future Pathways

April 2024

Building on Muscles: How Built Environment Design Impacts Modern Sports Science

January 2024

Urban Form Metrics for Promoting Walking

Cognitive Function of the Elderly: The Role of Street Layout

Place Attachment, Walkability, Walking Behaviour

The Link Between Neighbourhood Environments and Metabolic Syndrome

Walk Score: Advantages & Disadvantages

December 2023

Dog Ownership and Social Capital

The Role of Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity in Promoting Good Sleep

Using Built Environment Design to Fight Depression

Activity-friendly Built Environment Supporting Ageing Society

Built Environment Challenges for Dog Owners in High-density Urban Areas

Disparity Cardiovascular Health: The Role of “‘Where” We Live

Built Environment Design & Cancer Prevention

November 2023

Urban Greenspaces & Health: Quality VS Quantity

Can the Metaverse Support Healthy Built Environment Design?

Urban Design for Heart Health

Public Open Space, Urban Design, and Public Health Ⅱ

Public Open Space, Urban Design, and Public Health Ⅰ

Activity-friendly Built Environment Design Ⅱ

Activity-friendly Built Environment Design Ⅰ

Built Environment & Health Science Ⅲ

Built Environment & Health Science Ⅱ

Built Environment & Health Science Ⅰ

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