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When built environments or man-made spaces such as houses or stadiums feature personalized and accessible designs, it optimizes athletes’ performance. (Free Picture from “COD Newsroom“)

Cardiovascular health could be linked to urban design (Free Picture from “COD Newsroom“)

The environmental design features of a location are important for facilitating people’s attachment to places. Such place attachment may have an important role in determining people’s neighborhood-based physical activity routines (Credit: source Free picture from Shlomi Fish at Flickr)

A new article published by researchers from Japan and Canada summarises how the metaverse can reduce stress associated with crowded living environments and help devise strategies to prevent communicable diseases

Research highlights the role of physical exercise in improving sleep quality in middle-aged Japanese women (Credit: source Free picture from Blondinrikard Froberg on Flickr)

Researchers suggest that improving urban living spaces can help fight depression in middle-aged people (Credit: source Free picture from tokyoform on Flickr)

How does the way our neighborhoods are designed affect cardiovascular health?‘. Waseda University Press Release. February 2020.

Researchers from Waseda University, the University of Calgary, and Tohoku University aim to understand how urban design could influence cardiovascular health. (Credit: Waseda University)