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Prof.Miyaji and Mr.Karin SUMONGKAYOTHIN,Security Network Area, received Best Paper Award in ATIS2016.

Prof.Atsuko Miyaji and Mr.Karin SUMONGKAYOTHIN(3rd year doctral student,Miyaji lab.) ,Security Network Area, received Best Paper Award in ATIS2016.

This paper received the Best Paper Award at International Conference on Applications and Technologies in Information Security (ATIS) 2016. ATIS 2016 is sixth (6th) event in the ATIS series, which started in 2010. It is hold in Cairns, Australia from 26-28 October 2016. This awarded paper has been presented at the conference on designing the Oblivious Random Access Memory in constrained device such as IoTs and embedded devices.

ATIS2016 focuses on all aspects on techniques and applications in information security research which includes wavelets and their applications in digital forensics, classification algorithms for use in malicious software detection, and genetic algorithms custom-made for the cryptographic community, etc. The presented papers are published in Springer's Communications in Computer and Information Science Series.

■Date Awarded
October 26, 2016

Recursive M-ORAM: A Matrix ORAM for Clients with Constrained Storage Space

Although oblivious RAM (ORAM) can hide a client's access pattern from an untrusted server, bandwidth and local storage requirements can be excessive. Path ORAM, Matrix ORAM and other schemes can greatly bandwidth cost, but on devices with constrained storage space they require too much local storage. We design a recursive version of Matrix ORAM, where data addresses are stored on the server instead of client,and are recursively accessed with revealing important information.


It is a great honor to received the Best Paper Award from ATIS2016.We would like to thank the collaboration scholarship program JAIST-SIIT-NECTEC. Without them, this award would not be possible.We hope that our scheme will be closed in a real situation.


November 16 ,2016