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Open Hours: 8:30 - 17:15 (Mon. to Fri.)
Closed: Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays
Summer time middle of August
Year End and Beginning December 29 – January 3
JAIST Establishment Anniversary October 1

※The office may sometimes close for the convenience of business. Please estimate enough time for the application, etc.

Inquiry for:Contact:
  • Courses, Course Registration, Credits, Transcripts
  • Studentship (Enrollment, Leave of Absence from School, Leave School)
  • Research Activities in Other Universities
  • Certificates (maintenance of certificate issue machine)
  • Management and Maintenance of Lecture Rooms and Equipment
Educational Affairs Department,
Educational Service Section
2F of School of Knowledge Science Bldg. I
  • Entrance Examination
  • Admission Procedures
Educational Affairs Department,
Admissions Section
2F of School of Knowledge Science Bldg. I
  • Welfare and Guidance of All Students
  • Scholarships (except ones for international students)
  • Exemption of Entrance Fee
  • Extracurricular Activities, Rental Items
  • Student Housings, JAIST HOUSE
  • Disaster and Accident Insurance for Students
  • Personal Details, Address Change,
    Notice of Traveling Overseas(Japanese Students only)
  • Student ID Card, Postal Mail, Lost & Found
  • Student Discount Certificates
  • JAIST Student Temporary Loan
  • Application for Bike/Bicycle Parking
  • Application for Discount Lodging at Ishikawa High-Tech Exchange Center
Student Affairs Department,
Student Welfare Section
2F of School of Knowledge Science Bldg. I
  • Support for International Students
  • Scholarships
  • Notice of Temporary Leave, Address Change
  • Immigration Support and Guidance
  • Tutors
  • Overseas Study Promotion
Student Affairs Department,
International Student Section
2F of School of Knowledge Science Bldg. I
  • Career Development
  • Academic and Career Guidance
  • Internships
  • Reference Room, Employment Assistance System
  • Alumni
  • Various Subsidy Systems
Student Affairs Department,
Career Support Section
E-mail: syusyoku"at"
TEL: 0761-51-1969
2F of Entrance Hall
  • Graduate School Information Sessions, Anytaime Information Sessions,
    Anywhere Information Sessions
  • Technical Colledge Visits
  • Open campus
Educational Affairs Department,
Admissions Service Section
E-mail: nyugaku"at"
TEL : 0761-51-1966
2F of School of Knowledge Science Bldg. I
  • Payment of Entrance Fee, Tuitions
  • Guarantees, Guarantor Change, Guarantor’s Address Change
Accounting Section,
Accounting Department
E-mail: keiri"at"
TEL: 0761-51-1095
3F of Administration Bldg.
  • JAIST Parking Lots
Environment Conservation Section,
Facility Management Department
E-mail: parking"at"
B1 of Guesthouse
  • User Account, E-mail Address
  • Digital Certificate
  • Information Environment
Research Center for Advanced Computing Infrastructure (RCACI)
E-mail: isc-query"at"
TEL: 0761-51-1300
2F of School of Information Science Bldg.II
  • Result of Health Examinations
  • Health and Nutrition Counseling
  • Counseling, Anything/Everything Advice Room
Health Care Center
E-mail: hoken"at"
TEL: 0761-51-1036・1035
2F of School of Knowledge Science Bldg. I

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