Twelfth International Symposium on Functional and Logic Programming (FLOPS 2014)

June 4 (Wed) - 6 (Fri), 2014
Kanazawa, Japan

FLOPS 2014 Accepted Papers

Pawel Parys. How many numbers contains a lambda-term?
Akimasa Morihata, Masato Koishi and Atsushi Ohori. Dynamic Programming via Thinning and Incrementalization
Karim Barkati, Haisheng Wang and Pierre Jouvelot. Faustine: a Vector Faust Interpreter Test Bed for Multimedia Signal Processing - System Description -
Martin Sulzmann and Kenny Zhuo Ming Lu. POSIX Regular Expression Parsing with Derivatives
Adrian Riesco. Using big-step and small-step semantics in Maude to perform declarative debugging
Koen Claessen, Jonas Duregård and Michał H. Pałka. Generating Constrained Random Data with Uniform Distribution
José Pedro Magalhães. Generic Programming with Multiple Parameters
Thibaut Balabonski, Francois Pottier and Jonathan Protzenko. Type Soundness and Race Freedom for Mezzo
Cláudio Amaral, Mario Florido and Vítor Santos Costa. PrologCheck - property-based testing in Prolog
Oleg Kiselyov. The Design and Implementation of BER MetaOCaml:System Description
Jorge Luis Sacchini. Linear Sized Types in the Calculus of Constructions
Yuichiro Hanada and Atsushi Igarashi. On Cross-Stage Persistence in Multi-Stage Programming
Hyunik Na and Sukyoung Ryu. A New Formalization of Subtyping to Match Subclasses to Subtypes
Jeremy Yallop and Leo White. Lightweight higher-kinded polymorphism
Besik Dundua, Mario Florido, Temur Kutsia and Mircea Marin. Constraint Logic Programming for Hedges: a Semantic Reconstruction
Patrick Bahr. Proving Correctness of Compilers using Structured Graphs
Jan Hoffmann and Zhong Shao. Type-Based Amortized Resource Analysis with Integers and Arrays
Jael Kriener and Andy King. Semantics for Prolog with Cut - Revisited
Xiaojuan Cai and Mizuhito Ogawa. Well-structured pushdown system: Case of Dense Timed Pushdown Automata
Sheng Chen and Martin Erwig. Guided Type Debugging

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