November 10

9:00-10:00 To JAIST From KANAZAWA (Chartered Bus)
10:00-10:30 Registration
  MS Hall
10:30-10:40 Greetings
10:40-11:30 Keynote Speech: President, Prof. Dr. Tetsuo Asano (JAIST)
11:30-12:00 Group photo session
12:00-13:30 Lunch
  MS Hall IS Lecture Room M1,2 Lecture Room
  Session 1-1 Session 2-1 Session 3-1

Human Life Design

Chair: Kazunori Miyata (JAIST)

Security and Networks

Chair: OMOTE, Kazumasa (JAIST)

Materials Chemistry

Chair: Raman Vedarajan (JAIST)


Digital Media Tools for Moving Image Production: Present and Future

by R.P.C. Janaka Rajapakse (Tainan National University of the Arts)

Interactive Suggestion for Improving the Quality in Photo/Video Shooting


Evaluating presence based on balance

by Tsutomu Fujinami (JAIST)

Collaboration between Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)

by MOHD, Masnizah (UKM)
Abstract / Slides

Cyber-Physical Systems Approach for Energy Management System in Smart Homes

by LIM, Yuto (JAIST)
Abstract / Slides

Introducing University of Information Technology, Yangon, Myanmar

by Kyawt Kyawt San (UIT)
Abstract / Slides

5min oral presentations for posters: 4 posters

Controlled size and shape of Selenium nanoparticles by chitosan

by Nongnuj Muangsin (Chulalongkorn University)

Interphase transfer of nanofillers between immiscible polymer pairs

by Masayuki Yamaguchi (JAIST)

Catalysis at Nanoscale: One Step Towards Green and Sustainable Processes

by Diwan Rawat (University of Delhi)

Boron chemistry based approaches for efficient lithium ion secondary batteries

by Noriyoshi Matsumi (JAIST)

15:00-15:30 Break  
  Session 1-2 Session 2-2 Session 3-2

Knowledge Management

Chair: Takashi Hashimoto (JAIST)

Entertainment Technology


Applied Physics

Chair: Mikio Koyano (JAIST)


A service research for improving collective well-being

by Kunio Shirahada (JAIST)

Knowledge Science Research at Universiti Utara Malaysia: Exploring Opportunities via Strategic and International Partnership with JAIST

by Shahimi Bin Mohtar and Quamrul Hasan (UUM)

Epistemic Contextualism and Cognitive Modelling: an Interdisciplinary Inquiry

by Yingjin Xu (Fudan University)

A Target-Oriented Decision Approach for Personalized Ranking in Recommendation Services

by Van-Nam Huynh (JAIST)

Designing Genetic Algorithms for Research in Intelligence and Entertainment Technology

by ABU BAKAR, Nordin (UiTM)
Abstract / Slides(Updated)

Algorithms and Complexity for Puzzles

by UEHARA, Ryuhei (JAIST)
Abstract / Slides

5min oral presentations for posters:  6 posters


One-dimensional GaN nanostructures: preparation, characterization and photocatalytic properties

by Defa Wang (Tianjin University)

Narrow- and wide-gap compound semiconductor device technologies

by Toshi-kazu Suzuki (JAIST)

Modification of magnetic properties in micro-nanostructured materials and applications

by Pham Duc Thang (VNU University of Engineering and Technology)

Progress of pulsed laser annealing technology for solid-phase crystallization of Si film on glass

by Susumu Horita (JAIST)

17:30-18:30 To KANAZAWA From JAIST (Chartered Bus)


November 11

9:00-10:00 To JAIST From KANAZAWA (Chartered Bus)
  MS Hall IS Lecture Room M1,2 Lecture Room
  Session 1-3 Session 2-3 Session 3-3

Intelligent Robotics

Chair: NGUYEN, Minh Le (JAIST)

Energy and Environment

Chair: Manoharan Muruganathan (JAIST)


Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

by LI, Keqiu (Dalian University of Technology)
Abstract / Slides

Ensemble of Bayesian Filters for Loop Closure Detection

by ABDULLAH, Azizi (UKM)
Abstract / Ext. Abst. / Slides

5min oral presentations for posters: 4 posters


Educational & research collaboration with Vietnam

by OGAWA, Mizuhito (JAIST)
Abstract / Slides

Microparticles separation using MEMS and Microfluidics

by Burhanuddin Yeop Majlis (UKM IMEN)

Development of new fabrication process for thermoelectric modules using Ink-jet technique

by Mikio Koyano (JAIST)

Study and characterization of catalysts for biodiesel synthesis

by Le Thanh Son (VNU University of Science)

High-performance mega-saccharides derived from Aphanothece sacrum

by Tatsuo Kaneko (JAIST)

12:00-13:00 Lunch / Registration for The 2nd Malaysia-Japan Joint Symposium on Nanoelectronics 2015 Lunch



  The 2nd Malaysia-Japan Joint Symposium on Nanoelectronics 2015

Welcome Remarks

from JAIST Dean of School of Materials Science, Prof. Dr. Toshifumi Tsukahara

Introduction of IMEN

by the Director of IMEN
Prof. Dato’ Dr. Burhanuddin Yeop Majlis

  Session 1-4 Session 2-4 Session 3-4

Session 1
Chair: Yoshifumi Oshima (JAIST)

* The 2nd Malaysia-Japan Joint Symposium on Nanoelectronics 2015

Information Science I

Chair: SHIRAI, Kiyoaki (JAIST)

Bioscience and Biotechnology

Chair: Takayoshi Watanabe (JAIST)


Characterization and functional design of carbon based devices fabricated by direct growth method

by Mohd Ambri Mohamed (IMEN, UKM)

Downscaled graphene nanoelectronic and NEM devices for advanced applications

by Hiroshi Mizuta (JAIST)

Efficient organic solar cells employing controlled molecular orientation

by Hideyuki Murata (JAIST)

Interactive Games Using Kinect 3D Sensor Technology for Autistic Children Therapy

by SHAPI'I, Azrulhizam (UKM)
Abstract / Ext. Abst. / Slides

Efficient limit cycle walkers based on principle of passive dynamic walking

by ASANO, Fumihiko (JAIST)
Abstract / Slides

Inducing a Domain-Independent Sentiment Lexicon in Malay

by ZAINUDIN, Suhaila (UKM) on behalf of OMAR, Nazlia (UKM)
Abstract / Ext. Abst. / Slides

Artificial Intelligence in Computer Games: Not Only Strong, But Also Entertaining

by IKEDA, Kokolo (JAIST)
Abstract / Slides

Creation of Spherical Aggregates of Pd Nanoparticles on the Surface of POSS-grafted Graphene Oxide

by Kyung Min Kim (Korea National University of Transpotation)

Capturing impulses and crystals in live cells

by Hidekazu Tsutsui (JAIST)

Investigation of Ion Channel Activities in the Presence of Ionic Liquids Using Model Cell Membranes

by Tae-Joon Jeon (Inha University)

Membrane dynamics and Signal Transduction

by Masahiro Takagi (JAIST)

15:00-15:30 Break  
  Session 1-5 Session 2-5 Session 3-5

Session 2
Chair: Eisuke Tokumitsu (JAIST)

* The 2nd Malaysia-Japan Joint Symposium on Nanoelectronics 2015

Information Science II

Chair: TANAKA, Kiyofumi (JAIST)

Round Table Discussion
”Design the Future”

Chair: Yukari Nagai (JAIST)


 * to start at 15:20


by Azrul Azlan Hamzah (IMEN, UKM)

Atomic Scale Characterization using Spherical Aberration Corrected STEM

by Yoshifumi Oshima (JAIST)

On the photocurrent of ZnO nanoparticle and nanorod layers under UV illumination for sensor application

by Sahbudin Hj. Shaari (IMEN, UKM)

Combining Different Lexical Units in RNN-based Language Modeling for Open-domain Thai Speech Recognition

Abstract / Slides

Speech signal processing based on concept of amplitude modulation

by UNOKI, Masashi (JAIST)
Abstract / Slides

Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis of Online Reviews Using Word and Paragraph Vectors by Deep Learning Methods

by ZAINUDIN, Suhaila (UKM)
Abstract / Ext. Abst. / Slides

Research and Practice of ICT in education at JAIST

by HASEGAWA, Shinobu (JAIST)
Abstract / Slides

Open Discussions


Kenji Kondo
Quamrul Hasan
R.P.C. Janaka Rajapakse
Akane Matsumae

Y. Nagai                                                                                                                                                                                                   

  Entrance Hall
17:30-19:10 Poster Session + Banquet
19:15-19:30 Closing Remarks
20:00-21:00 To KANAZAWA From JAIST (Chartered Bus)


November 12

8:00-09:00 To JAIST From KANAZAWA (Chartered Bus)
  The 2nd Malaysia-Japan Joint Symposium on Nanoelectronics 2015   A tour of Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum (FPDM)
  KS Lecture Hall 9:30-11:00 Leave JAIST for FPDM

Session 3
Chair: Mohd Ambri Mohamed (IMEN, UKM)

* The 2nd Malaysia-Japan Joint Symposium on Nanoelectronics 2015

11:00 Arrive at FPDM

Photonic crystal (PhC) cavities for bio-sensing

by Ahmad Rifqi Md Zain (IMEN, UKM)

Ferroelectric-gate Thin Film Transistors with Non-volatile Memory Function Prepared by Solution Process

by Eisuke Tokumitsu (JAIST)

Bond Performance of Copper and Gold Wire Bonding on Al Thin Films After Thermal Aging for MEMS Application

by Azman Jalar (IMEN, UKM)

Silicene — a two-dimensional material beyond graphene?

by Yukiko Takamura (JAIST)

Optical and Structural Properties of GaAsBi

by Abdul Rahman Mohmad (IMEN, UKM)


an FPDM tour including lunch break


Closing Remarks

from JAIST - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yuki Nagao


Leave FPDM fro JAIST


Group Photo session


Arrive at JAIST


Lunch & Poster session


Leave JAIST for Kanazawa (Hotel Crown Hills Kanazawa)

14:00-18:00 Collaboration Meeting IMEN – JAIST 17:00 Arrive at Kanazawa (Hotel Crown Hills Kanazawa)



Keynote Speech

President, Prof. Dr. Tetsuo Asano (JAIST)


Open the New Frontiers of Science and Technology
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Finding Fun of Algorithm Research
---Algorithm in Everyday Life---


The first half of the keynote speech describes the distinguished characteristics of education at JAIST, introducing two important key words: intellectual toughness and importance of change, and announces our new challenge that aims at producing intellectually tough researchers and engineers who are willing to accept any change. The latter half talks on finding fun of algorithm research that is never ending.