5 Students of Kim Lab presented their research and Ms. SUN, Xiaolei awarded the Best Presentation Award from Japan Creativity Society

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Presented papers are published in the proceedings of the 41st Annual Conference of Japan Creativity Society: New Horizon of Creativity and Innovation

Papers by students:

Xiaolei Sun A Proposal of Creativity Teaching in Product Design Education
Nilima Haque Ruma Desiging an Innovative Business Model to Transform the Status of Handloom Jamdani Weavers: A Case of Jamdani Ville in Bangladesh
Yang Mingrui Identifying Factors of The Market Development of University Campus O2O Project : A Case Study of Anlaiye
Sun Qiangan Exploring the creative experience of ceramic creation: The perspective of designers
KATHA Karishma Zaman A framework of enhancing skills of social entrepreneurs via mobile social network (MSN) application

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