Learning Theorem Proving from Scratch Cezary Kaliszyk 2019/02/26
On the benefit of unsound rules: Henkin quantifiers and beyond Matthias Baaz 2019/02/26
Specification Verification of Hoare's Quicksort Algorithm in CafeOBJ Kokichi Futatsugi 2019/01/10
Blockchain for Asset Reuse Arnold Beckmann 2019/01/10
Automating Proof Terms in Term Rewriting Aart Middeldorp 2018/09/20
Dataset Diversity: A New Approach to Dependable Machine Learning Software Shin Nakajima (National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo) 2017/12/15
Provably Total NP Search Problems of Bounded Arithmetic and beyond Professor Arnold Beckmann 2017/09/15
Arithmetic universes as generalized point-free spaces Steve Vickers 2017/04/17
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Invariance axioms for realizability Helmut Schwichtenberg 2016/08/25
Variations on the Higman's Lemma Marco Benini 2016/08/08
Models, Over-approximations and Robustness Eugenio Moggi (University of Genova) 2016/08/05
LECTURE 3: Models, Over-approximations and Robustness Eugenio Moggi 2016/08/05
Hybrid System Trajectories as Partial Continuous Maps Speaker: Eugenio Moggi (University of Genova) 2016/08/04
LECTURE 2: Hybrid System Trajectories as Partial Continuous Maps Eugenio Moggi 2016/08/04
LECTURE 1: Categories of Classes for Collection Types Eugenio Moggi 2016/08/02
Categories of Classes for Collection Types Eugenio Moggi (University of Genova) 2016/08/02
Random Graphs, First-Order Logic, and AC^0 Circuits Yijia Chen 2016/07/12
FORT 0.2: Confluence Properties on Open Terms in the First-Order Theory of Rewriting Aart Middeldorp 2016/07/12
Logical Omniscience and Deductive Rationality Ren-June Wang 2016/07/07
Computably Enumerable Structures: Domain dependency Bakhadyr Khoussainov 2016/06/20
On Some General Methods of Proving Decidability or Undecidability Hsing-chien Tsai 2015/10/06
Toward a Rewriting-based Semantics of Clock Constraint Specification Language and its Applications Zhang Min 2015/08/27
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Real numbers and computers Norbert Müller 2015/08/25
Verification of Real-World Security Protocols in CafeOBJ: A Case Study of PACE Dominik Klein 2015/05/26
Digit Spaces - Topological Foundations Dieter Spreen 2015/05/07
Generic proof scores for the generate & check method in CafeOBJ Kokichi Futatsugi 2015/02/26
CDSChecker: Checking Concurrent Data Structures Written with C/C++ Atomics Brian Demsky, University of California Irvine 2015/01/09
Weighted Automata Theory for Complexity Analysis of Rewrite Systems Georg Moser 2015/01/08
An update for the Constructor-based Inductive Theorem Prover (CITP) Daniel Gaina 2014/11/20
Towards a Science of Computing Prof. Robert Kowalski 2014/10/28
Counterexample-guided Design of Property-based Dynamic Software Updates Zhang Min 2014/10/15
Relational lattices Tadeusz Litak 2014/09/18
Tomorrow belongs to deviant intuitionistic modalities Tadeusz Litak 2014/09/17
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Point-free foundations of Mathematics Dr. Marco Benini 2014/05/22
40 Years of Formal Methods Some obstacles and some possibilities Dines Bjorner 2014/04/18
Extracting programs from proofs Prof. Dr. Helmut Schwichtenberg 2014/03/07
A theory of computable functionals Prof. Dr. Helmut Schwichtenberg 2014/03/06
Computing with partial continuous functionals Prof. Dr. Helmut Schwichtenberg 2014/03/05
Bounded variable logic, parameterized logarithmic space, and Savitch's theorem Yijia Chen 2014/01/23
Parity Games and Resolution Arnold Beckmann 2014/01/23