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Announcement of the 2021 Symposium and Research Meeting (Virtual)

Date: Friday, November 19, 2021

13:00 ~ 14:30 General Presentations

15:00 ~ 17:30 Special International Symposium (Poster)(Program)

If you are interested in becoming the member of JAHAS and the the annual meeting & symposium/research workshop, contact:


President, Japan Society for Halal Science and Technology

Tomizawa Hisao


*If you have questions or comments in general, you can contact us via email above. 

  Founding Prospectus


 The Japan Society for Halal Science and Technology (JAHAS) is an academic society whose main mission is to promote, deepen and disseminate scientific and technological knowledge to be properly applied to halal science and industry, and to link effectively academicians and practitioners with a view to solving the related problems of the fields, in domestic as well as international arenas. 

 The society spans multiple disciplines, expanding beyond natural sciences and technology to include humanities and social sciences. Halal science in a narrow sense is generally restricted to the fields of natural sciences and regarded as important in contemporary halal certification procedures in the world, but the society equally invites all the specialists and researchers who are interested in halal science in a broader sense of the word, as might be exemplified by social scientific studies of consumers’ or entrepreneurs’ behaviors and ways of thinking related to halal and so on. With such an inclusive framework of halal science, the society aims to make academic as well as practical contributions to the clarification of phenomenon concerning halal through a full use of scientific methods and expertise available today. The society welcomes not only the academicians interested in halal science and halal industry research but also practitioners in various fields such as food industry, medicine, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, veterinary medicine, apparel industry, logistics, tourism industry, finance, insurance, management and the like, as long as they are anyhow related to halal. The society aims to provide an academically and practically more productive and heuristic platform for its members to exchange and share ideas and information related to halal matters. The society is to be supported by a diverse array of professionals from academia, governmental as well as non-profit and business organizations.

The scope/areas/main activities are listed below though not limited to these only.

  1. Bring all relevant parties under a single (this) platform to exchange information, share knowledge, discuss the issues and challenges, and pursue mutual understandings on subjects related to halal and halal science by covering natural science, social science, and humanities.   The possible research topics this society might tackle will be, to name but a few, the problem of the halal standard disunity in the world, the pros and cons of the stunning methods for halal slaughtering , scientific discussion on fermented food, its alcohol residue percentage, halal packaging material, and so on.
  2. Act as the bridge for dealing with the relevant international organizations
  3. Connect government, business/industry and academic/research institutions both in Japan and abroad
  4. Organize conference for bringing all relevant professionals together 
  5. Disseminate/publish educational/professional materials both in Japanese and English

The founding members are as listed below in the Japanese syllabary order:

  • HASAN Quamrul, Specially Appointed Professor (Center for Global Initiatives, Osaka University, Japan)
  • KOHDA Youji, Professor (School of Knowledge Science, Japan Advanced Institute of  Science and Technology, Japan)
  • TAMIYA Eiichi, Professor (Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University, Japan)
  • TOMIZAWA Hisao, Professor (School of International Relations, University of Shizuoka, Japan) 
  • REMON, Hind Hitomi, Ms. (Japan Halal Association, Japan)
  • YOSHIDA, Kazunori, Dir. (Japan Food Research Laboratories, Japan)


KOHDA Youji,  Email address:  kohda@jaist.ac.jp 

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