Personalized Video Reporting System for Intelligent Multiview Environment

The PRIME project targets at providing a solution for automatic generation of informative and personalized field video reports for future intelligent multiview environments, e.g. surveillance, which is supported by the MEXT Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (B) No.23700110 from year 2011 to 2014. In this page, we will record the whole research/ development progress of this project.  
Promotion Video for Innovation Japan 2013!  
Demo video  
Here is A Multi-view Video Database we collected using a camera network installed inside JAIST. We will first start our research activities based on this database.  Inquiry on the DB!
Fig.1 Sample image of the JAIST MVS database  
3.Tasks, Methods, and Results  
  3.1 Object Tracking and Event Detection  
    3.1.1 Multi-view Scene Reconstruction  
      Oct. 19, 2011Latest Results of Our Methods for Robust 3D Reconstruction. [APSIPA ASA'11]  
    3.1.2 Multi-view Multi-object Tracking  
      Jan. 20, 2012Methods of Multi-object Tracking from Trajectory Grouping [ICIP 2012]  
      Nov. 15, 2012Methods of Multi-object Tracking by Tracking after Detection [RO-MAN 2013]  
       Demo video  
    3.1.3 Hot-spot Event Detection  
      Apr. 05, 2012Detection of Group Interactions [ICASSP'13 (Accepted)]  
  3.2 Automatic Camera Planning  
    3.2.1 Game Camerawork and Movie Camerawork  
    3.2.2 Optimal Virtual Camera Position  
  3.3 Multi-view Video Summarization  
    3.3.1 Video Summarization via Trajectory Selection  
    3.3.2 Adaptive Fast-forwarding for Video Summarization  
Demo video  
      Jul. 11, 2011Adaptive Fast-forwarding Validated on Sport Videos. [ICME 2011, Spain]  
      Oct. 25, 2012Help us finish a subjective evaluation! [Part I]  
      Nov. 05, 2012Check the first batch of results for the above subjective evaluation.  
      Nov. 11, 2012Surveillance Video Segmentation based on Detected Hot-spots  
      Jan. 21, 2013Help us finish a subjective evaluation! [Part II]
                                 [English Ver.][日本語版][中文版]
      Jan. 25, 2013Help us finish a subjective evaluation! [Part III]
                                 [English Ver.][日本語版][中文版]
      Mar. 12, 2013Resource Allocation Summarization Framework [TMM Supplementals](Accepted)  
  3.4 Interactive Operational Interface  
    3.4.1 Interface Design (Envisioned)  
    3.4.2 Optimal Online Adaptation  
      Jan. 21, 2013Automatic Generation of Personalized Field Reports.  
4.Related Publications(Full Publication List)  

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5. Patents and Exhibitions(Full Publication List)  

c) F. Chen, "監視システムにおける監視画像の統合、閲覧及び配信方法," Innovation Japan 2013, Aug.29-30, 2013.

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