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The pages included in this website are written, edited, and compiled by Tsutomu Fujinami, an associate professor working for LinkIconSchool of Knowledge ScienceLinkIconJapan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. Any opinions or beliefs expressed on this website are personal ones and are by no means official announcement by the institute. Any materials comprising the website such as texts and photos, belong to me and no one is allowed to redistribute or reuse them without my permission. 

The objectives of this website is to explain our research with backgrounds, which are often missing in published research reports. I avoid to go into technical details in writing texts. The website is therefore not just for specialists, but also for anyone who are interested in the issues involved in skills as a bridge between Body and Mind. 

Finally, I do not intend to and would not like to offend anyone who read the texts on this website. Let me know if you find anything offending of the website, please. Contact information can be found in LinkIconmy profile page.