PROFILE of Tsutomu Fujinami @JAIST



9th April, 1963
I was born in Japan and grown up in Nagoa until 1982.
1982 to 1986
I studied Philosophy in Waseda University, Tokyo.
1986 to 1992
I started working for Hitachi after graduating the university in 1986 and was involved in the various projects related to Artificial Intelligence.
1992 to 1995
I returned to academia in 1992 to continue my research at Centre for Cognitive Science, University of Edinburgh, and was awarded the doctoral degree in 1996.
1995 to 1998
I thereafter moved to Stuttgart, Germany, to join the institute of computational linguistics, University of Stuttgart, and developed a speech translation system with my colleagues.
1998 onwards
I returned to Japan in 1998 to join the School of Knowledge Science, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. I have been there since then.