NOTES of Tsutomu Fujinami @JAIST



18th October, 2009

a biographical note

a05_20.jpgI found it always cumbersome that most biographical notes start by mentioning his or her parents. I do not know the reason why they do so, but I follow the tradition simply because I want to know why. Well, I have a mother. She is female and was 24 years old when she gave me a birth in 1963. I have no memory how she did it, but I have no reason to doubt it because I exist. She has been to my eyes open-minded and loved to socialize herself. She loved music and was a devoted catholic as her mother, i.e., my grand-mother,  was. Oh, yes, I admit that I inherited these properties from her. She is after all my mom.   

my father

a06_11.jpgI had a father as well. I express it with past tense as he died very long time ago. Well, I was 21 years old when he passed away. I am sorry that I have probably never talked with him seriously. He seemed to have been pretty busy with his work and what he told me was somehow and usually missing a point. The funniest utterance was, "Do not become priest." hm... I do not why he thought I might become a priest. Anyway, I am grateful to his effort to provide me with good education as much as possible and his patience not to intervene my life so awfully. He was not against my decision to study philosophy when I entered a university. He might have thought philosophy was not worse than theology. 

me as child

a09_10.jpgOverall I recall my childhood to be a happy moment in my life. Thanks to God, I had no fear of loosing my parents, was well fed, and was given chances to explore the world. I was open-minded and was always looking for something new around me. I seemed to have loved to taste everything.