Professor:Kazunori Miyata Computer Graphics, Media Art, Media Integration miyata[at]
Assistant Prof.:Haoran Xie Computer Graphics, HCI, Digital Fabrication xie[at]


Doctor Course

Naoki Kita Perceptually-based Computational Design of Discrete Element Layouts
Takashi Nakamura Testing a Hypothesis Regarding the Cause of Players' Increased Scores by Analyzing Play Data
Bailey, Eric Nelson TBD

Master Course

Yuuki Kitamura TBD
Bugaa Naragoo TBD
Shuangmei Wu TBD
Keisuke Kakizaki TBD
Kohta Tanoue TBD
Ryota Hirooka TBD
Iori Fukunaka TBD
Yuuki Fujita TBD
Atsushi Watatani TBD
Yaking Li TBD
Yalin Liu TBD
Hiroshi Sugimori TBD
Dazhao Xie TBD
Manami Ise TBD
Yuki Ihara TBD
Zhizhou He TBD
Hiroto Shimizu TBD
Kentaro Hirayama TBD
Shogo Yoshida TBD
Yao Li TBD
Hanyang Ge TBD
Taro Kashiki TBD
Yoshihiko Suwa TBD


Matthieu Tessier Tangible Display and Tangible Interface: Tools for Curiousity and Discovery



Hongyu Wang A VR haunted house changing the scale of horror according to player's heart rate (KS)
Hidetoshi Kanie A visual simulation method for curtains considering its shading performance (KS)
Hiroto Nishizawa A self-learning support system for drawing actual human body model by pose estimation (IS)
Takumi Hatakeyama A method for creating dining animation using reinforcement learning (IS)
Bailey, Eric Nelson Improving Video Game Project Scope Decisions with Data
-An Analysis of Achievements and Game Completion Rates



Akiyoshi Itoda An Image Presentation Order to Relieve Stress Using Facial Expression Analysis
Rui Wang A Risk Evasion and Recovery Support System For Foreign Tourists Visiting Japan In Taking a Bus
Zhen Zeng A Method to Improve the Digital Window With Higher spaciousness
Chiharu Hayashi A Life Review Method Using Sugoroku with Miniature Models: Reduction of Burden on Care Workers Utilizing ICTs in Therapeutic Recreation
Bugaa Urangoo Establishment of Educational Framework to Enhance the Business Ethics in Traditional Kutani-Industry in Japan



Robert Songer Finding the Fun: Gameful Design of Classroom Goal Structures for Motivating Student Performanc
Sayaka Tsukadaira A Projection Mapping Generation Framework Using a Three-Dimensional Card and Smartphone
Hiroki Hayashi The Influence of Human Texture Recognition and the Spatial Frequency of Textures
Kousei Yamanaka A development of Smart Dustbin prompts to moral improvement



Takeo Higuchi Enhancement Effects of the Idea-Marathon System on Creativity
Nguyen, Thao Ngoc A Study of Local Binary Pattern Features for Effective Feature Matching
Haoran Xie Immersed Rigid Body Dynamics in Computer Graphics


Yu Han Impression Investigation for Ribbon’s Knot and Bow’s Tie of Gift-Wrapping
Weigao Yuan Development of Chinese Language-game for Dementia Prevention
Satoshi Inada A Study of Impression Evaluation for Chocolate Shape



Ken Ishibashi A Study of Media Representation for Expressing Kansei Information


Takahiro Okunari A Method of Thermal Deformation Simulation
Makoto Kinoshita A Creativity Support System for Story of Manzai
Sou Fukataki A Study of Impression Evaluation Based on Sizzle Words and Texture of Rice Crackers



Kaisei Sakurai A Study of Methods for Generating Aggregates in Computer Graphics


Susumu Shimonaka Generation of a 3D Gear Aggregate Model that Approximates the Shape of a Specified 3D Model
Naoya Ebisu A Drawing Support System for Facial Sketches
Hironori Sakaguchi A Method of Representing Stockings
Takuya Sakuraoka A Content Creation Support System for Missile Animation with Complex Motion
Tatsuya Sasatani Representation of Optical Anisotropy Hiarline Processing using a Normal Map



Tsuyoshi Kinoshita Relative positioning system for pedestrian using smart-phone sensor and Bluetooth
Haoran Xie Realistic Motion Synthesis of Free Falling Behaviours
Daisuke Takamizawa Proposing the Expressing Technique for a Fur of Fruit



Ken Ishibashi Proposal and evaluation of methods for embedding "kansei" inforamtion into images
Naoki Kita Interactive Procedural Modeling of Pebble Mosaics
Hiroshi Segi The Felt Collage Generation Method Using 3D Models
Keisuke Terada The development of a concept design support tool for car wheels



Takahiro Tsutsumi Adaptive level of detail to surface expression



Chen Yang A lighting system for photography support
Tao Zheng A method for character animation generation based on Karaoke sound features
Chia Chun Hsu A proposal of Game for Learning Japanese for Foreigner
Naoyuki Komuro Communication supporting system, which makes users feel gaps in manipulation
Harinda Jayasinghe Analysis of 3D Shapes by Gender Kansei
Takahiko Noda The Mosaic Generation Method Using 3D Models
Kentaro Nomura Automatic Generation Technique for Landscape of Large Factory



Atsushi Oouchi A Proposal for Expressing "Words and Real"
Toshimasa Kakihara Global Illumination by 3DAPI using Photon Mapping
Kaisei Sakurai Leather Texture Generation Considering Distribution and Wrinkles
Taishi Sei A BVH traversal algorithm which is independent from models
Yuichi Sezaki Manga-like Rendering Considering Omitted Pen-stroke
Hayato Tanimoto Generation of the 3D Models that Considered Relations between the Objects
Atsushi Mizoguchi Generation of tree distribution with multi layer structure



Yoshifumi Kakiuchi Study on an Application of Generates "Promotion Image" based on Running Data of Vehicle
Hidetaka Kimura Bounding Volume Hierarchies for Ray Tracing using Parallel Computation
Satoru Takei Analysis of Relation Among Senior Citizens with Dementia and Memory Video in Welfare Cares Institutions
Xiaodong Du Evaluation about Idea Stumulation to Drawing Expression by an Accidental Element and the Influence
Yoshihiro Masuda A Study of Information Presentation System using Handbill Metaphor based on Contents Importance
Daisuke Masuno Cognitive Education Media for Stimulating Creativity of Children



Masafumi Takahashi A Proposal of a Development Support System of Image-processing Technique which Utilized Graphics Hardware
Yosuke Kamada Design Supporting Tool for Japanese Traditional Kimono Patterns
Hiroshi Yabu A Research of VR Application using Intuitive Physical Motion



Osamu Mimura A Study on the Manners of the KJ Method
Yukihiko Kawarazuka A Direct Manipulation Technique for Image Viewing and Editing System
Sou Tsunetsugu An Interactive Painting System using Physical-based Pigment Mixture Model
Rajapakse, Pathirage Chaminda Janaka Rajapakse Physically Based Modeling of Degraded Fabric Colors



Suzuo Ono An Image Restoration Method for Blurred Images by means of Multi-Resolutional Analysis

Special Visiting Student (from Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Arts et Metiers)

Matthieu Tessier Tsumiki Castle, Spinning Top 2012.4-2012.10
Vincent de Paul ATANGANA EKANI Dancing Sound 2010.6-2010.11
Toni Da Luz Spider Hero 2009.6-2009.10
Remi Eynard Spider Hero 2009.6-2009.10
Gill Van Herzele Virtual Scooter, Real-time Cloud Shader 2006.5-2006.11


Saravanan Balakrishnan (IIT Gandhinagar, India) Enhancing engagement and motivation levels of users through fun computing 2017.5-2017.7
Liu Yalin (Hokuriku Univ.) Generative Art 2016.8-2016.9
Ma Linzi (Hokuriku Univ.) Generative Art 2016.8-2016.9
Osman MohamedKheir Osman Elfadil (MJIIT, Malaysia) An Interactive Puzzle Game by using Physics Engine 2016.5-2016.8
MOHD SHUKRI, Mohamad Asyraf Bin (MJIIT, Malaysia) Generative art by using biological reaction 2016.5-2016.8


Fan Youming AR for tacit knowledge 2017.9-
Ge Hanyang VR for disaster 2017.9-2018.3
He Zhizhou VR for Chinese art 2017.9-2018.3
Wang Qisen VR Sickness 2017.4-2018.3
Hua Qingqin Realtime global illumination 2016.10-2017.3
Li Yu VR 2016.10-2017.3
Shin Tsuchiyama Media Art 2011.4-2012.3
Hao Wang Aging of Leaves 2010.4-2010.9
Haoran Xie Physical Simulation of Snow 2009.10-2010.3
Xiaodan Guo Analysis of Animation 2009.10-2010.7
Chia Chun Hsu Supporting Method for Learning Japanese Language 2006.4-2007.3

Sub Theme

Year Name School Theme
2017 Zhu Xumei K Generative Art
Zhao Rui I TBD
Nam Sanggyu I TBD
Hu Guoxin K Projection Mapping Opera (GroupWork)
Hiromu Nemoto K Projection Mapping Opera (GroupWork)
Wang Jidong K Projection Mapping Opera (GroupWork)
Ryosuke Takigawa K Projection Mapping Opera (GroupWork)
Cheng Zitong K Projection Mapping Opera (GroupWork)
Zheng Zikang K Projection Mapping Opera (GroupWork)
Aya Hasebe K A repetitive idea creation method using brain-writing
2016 WANG Zhenyu I VR Game
WANG Zhongsheng I VR Game
Kento Mori I 3D object recognition and point cloud processing using Kinect sensor
Naomichi Yashima K Projection mapping for moving objects
Sun Xiao K Ishikawa souvenir (GroupWork)
Kiyoto Seino K Ishikawa souvenir (GroupWork)
Wang Yue K Ishikawa souvenir (GroupWork)
Jia Di K Ishikawa souvenir (GroupWork)
Keiko Arase I Change in depth perception by shifting a vanishing point
2013 Fuyuki Takebayashi K A media for facilitating information sharing
Sho Yoshida K A haptic display using ultrasonic array
2012 Yasuo Saitoh K An experiment on art education considering social connection
2011 Kohji Shimizu K A control method of smoke
2007 Tomoyuki Moritsu K Markerless Motion Capture System
Taku Ohkawa K Survey of Accelerometer
2006 Hiroyuki Kuwamura K An istallation art using biological informaiton
LIU Chang Ching K mental Training Media
Sadaaki Shinjoh MOT GPU Application
Johichi Itoh K How image recognition technology contribute to society
2005 Yukio Uruma I A calculation of equation of heat conduction by shader language/td>
Akihiko Iyoda K A VR application using strip screen and accelerometer
Yuta Konishi K A movie content creation method for Kanazawa ~Saikawa Liver~
Takamitsu Shimizu K Image to thermo conversion
Ryo Megoro K A history of reminiscence therapy
2004 Homei Miyashita K New expression in media art
Akihiro Shimizu I Global Illumination on GPU
2003 Toshiyuki Usui K Installation art using MAX/MSP
Akihiko Hirose K Realtime image synthesis
Akira Minami K GA solution for civilization evolution
2002 Takanori Satoji I Movie to music conversion installation art using color recognition
Shohji Terada I Installation Art using Choro-Q
Yoshio Adachi K An Interface to to compehend eathquake research
Hidenori Fujita K Art to Chat